HL Deb 11 December 2003 vol 655 cc84-6WA
Lord Hogg of Cumbernauld

asked Her Majesty's Government: When they will increase the fees for care services, currently regulated by the National Care Standards Commission. [HL409]

Lord Warner

The fees for care services currently regulated by the National Care Standards Commission (NCSC) will be increased in April 2004. A table of the new fees is as follows.

Regulatory fee income is to assist with the funding of the NCSC, with the intention of achieving full cost recovery after five years, with a review in 2004. The policy on regulatory fees—including the intention of full cost recovery and the consequences for later years—was established following consultation in 2001. The fee structure also makes the costs of regulation transparent and borne by those who stand to benefit from more consistent national minimum standards so that pressures will apply to the regulatory process to ensure that it continues to be effective and efficient.

Next April, the Commission for Social Care Inspection will take on the NCSC's role of regulating independent social care providers. The regulation of private and voluntary healthcare providers will move from the NCSC to the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection. The new commissions will further strengthen the system for inspecting those services.

Individual letters are being sent to all providers of care services regulated by the NCSC to notify them about the increases.

Fees for Registration and Inspection 2004–05
(2003–04 fees in brackets)
Service Unit Current fee New Fee
Registration fees
Provider registration home £1,3201 £1,584
Provider registration small homes and adult placements home £3601 £432
Manager registration manager £3601 £432
Minor variation application £601 £72
Variation requiring visit application £6601 £792
Service Flat rate Approved Place from 4th-29th Approved Place over 30th
Annual fees
Care homes and hospices £216 (£180) £72 (£60) £72 (£60)
Small care homes and adult placements £144 (£120) n/a n/a
Acute and mental health hospitals £3,600 (£3,000) £144 (£120) £72 (£60)
Prescribed techniques clinics £1,080 (£900) £144 (£120) £72 (£60)
Independent hospital £1,440 (£1,200) £144 (£120) £72 (£60)
Other independent healthcare £1,440 (£1,200) n/a n/a
Children's homes £720 (£600) £72 (£60) £72 (£60)
Small children's homes £720 (£600) n/a n/a
Boarding schools and further education £360 (£300) £21.60 (£18) £10.80 (£9)
Residential special schools £576 (£480) £57.60 (£48) £28.80 (£24)
Fostering agencies and local authorities £1,440 (£1,200) n/a n/a
Residential family centres £480 (£400) £60 (£50) £60 (£50)
Domiciliary care agencies £900 (£750) n/a n/a
Small domiciliary care agencies £450 (£375) n/a n/a
Nurses agencies £600 (£500) n/a n/a

Fees for Registration and Inspection 2004–05
(2003–04 fees in brackets)
Service Unit Current fee New Fee
Voluntary adoption agencies £600 (£500) n/a n/a
Voluntary adoption agency branches £300 (£250) n/a n/a
Small nurses agencies £300 (£250) n/a n/a
1Domiciliary care agencies, voluntary adoption agencies, nurse agencies and residential family centres pay 2003–04 prices.

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