HL Deb 10 December 2003 vol 655 c75WA
Lord Baker of Dorking

asked Her Majesty's Government:

What was their grant to the following institutions for each year since 1997 (a) the British Museum; (b)

£ million
1997–98 (base year) 1998–99 1999–2000 2000–2001 2001–02 2002–03 2003–04 2004–05 2005–06 real increase on 97–98 baseline
British Museum (i) 31.9 (i) 33.9 (i) 34.7 (i) 34.9 (i) 36 (i) 36.9 (i) 37.7 (i) 37.4 (i) 37.8 -1.0
(ii)33 (ii)33.2 (ii)32.8 (ii)33 (ii)32.9 (ii)32.7 (ii)31.4 (ii)30.9
Natural History Museum (i)27.7 (i)27 (i)29.6 (i)30.4 (i)32.4 (i)38.1 (i)39.6 (i)39.6 (i)40.8 6.6
(ii)26.3 (ii)28.4 (ii)28.7 (ii)29.9 (ii)34.7 (ii)35.1 (ii)34.1 (ii)34.3
National Museum of Science & Industry (i)21.1 (i)20.3 (i)23.8 (i)24.1 (i)26.7 (i)32 (i)34.8 (i)32.6 (i)32.9 6.5
(ii)19.7 (ii)22.9 (ii)22.8 (ii)24.7 (ii)29.3 (ii)31.2 (ii)28.1 (ii)27.6
National Maritime Museum (i)10.5 (i)10.2 (i)10.9 (i)11.7 (i)12.6 (i)13.7 (i)14 (i)15.5 (i)14.8 1.9
(ii)9.9 (ii)10.4 (ii)11 (ii)11.6 (ii)12.4 (ii)12.3 (ii)13.5 (ii)12.4
Victoria & Albert Museum (i)29.9 (i)29.1 (i)30 (i)30.5 (i)32.5 (i)34.6 (i)34.8 (i)36.4 (i)37.1 0.9
(ii)28.3 (ii)28.7 (ii)28.7 (ii)29.9 (ii)31.1 (ii)30.3 (ii)31 (ii)30.8
National Gallery (i)18.3 (i)18.7 (i)19.5 (i)19.2 (i)19.9 (i)20.4 (i)20.4 (i)21.2 (i)21.5 -0.6
(ii)18.2 (ii)18.7 (ii)18 (ii)18.2 (ii)18.2 (ii)17.6 (ii)17.9 (ii)17.7
National Portrait Gallery (i)4.8 (i)5 (i)5.1 (i)5.1 (i)5.5 (i)5.7 (i)5.7 (i)6.1 (i)6.2 0.4
(ii) 4.9 (ii)4.9 (ii)4.8 (ii)5.1 (ii)5.1 (ii)5 (ii)5.2 (ii)5.2
Imperial War Museum (i)10.6 (i)10.6 (i)10.8 (i)11.9 (i)13.1 (i)16.3 (i)16.5 (i)17.5 (i)17.8 4.6
(ii)10.3 (ii)10.3 (ii)11.2 (ii)12.1 (ii)15.0 (ii)14.7 (ii)15.3 (ii)15.2
National* Army Museum (i)3.3 (i)3.2 (i)3.9 (i)4.1 (i)4.7 (i)4.8 (i)4.4 (i)– (i)– 0.6
(ii)3.1 (ii)3.7 (ii)3.9 (ii)4.4 (ii)4.4 (ii)3.9 (ii) (ii)
(i) Actual grant in aid, including capital.
(ii) real grant in aid related to 1997–98.
*The National Army Museum receives grant in aid from the MoD.
Unlike the DCMS, the MoD does not have three-year spending review deals with its sponsored bodies, so figures are only available up to 2003–04.
The figures are affected by substantial one-off capital funding for major repairs in 2002–03 and 2003–06, and by compensation for free access.
From 2001–02 the British Museum, National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery are able to recover VAT on expenditure associated with free access. These figures are not shown in the table.