HC Deb 10 June 2002 vol 386 cc854-5W
Tony Wright

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list the performance targets that his Department, its agencies and non-departmental public bodies are required to meet, apart from those set out in the public service agreements for 1999 to 2002 and 2001 to 2004; and if he will specify for each target(a) who sets it and (b) who monitors achievement against it. [60463]

Ruth Kelly

Performance targets are set out in each Department's Public Service Agreement and supported by detailed Service Delivery Agreements. Other targets devised by Departments, their agencies and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) do not fall within the framework of "performance targets" as established by the Treasury. All the formal performance targets for HM Treasury and its agencies—the Debt Management Office, the National Investment and Loans Office and the Office of Government Commerce—are set out in HM Treasury's 2002 departmental report (Cm 5425), which is due to be published shortly. The NDPBs for which the Chancellor is responsible—the Public Services Productivity Panel, the Statistics Commission and the Royal Mint Advisory Committee on the Design of Coins, Medals, Seals and Decorations—publish information, following best practice, on their role and achievements in their annual reports, but do not have performance targets that are within the framework as defined above.

England2 Scotland Barnett Non-Barnett3 Northern Ireland
(£000) (Percentage) (£000) (Percentage) (£000) (Percentage) (£000) (Percentage) (£000) (Percentage)
2000–01 60,444 87.3 4,997 7.2 2,269 3.3 1,561 2.3
2001–02 61,073 81.8 8,802 11.8 4,189 5.6 325 0.4 318 0.4
2002–03 69,080 87.3 5,702 7.2 2,665 3.4 1,717 2.2
1 This table give the total amount allocated to projects for their duration, this will not necessarily be the amount drawn down by Departments in that year.
2 This includes ISB projects with a UK wide scope.
3 Projects with only Welsh police as partners.