HL Deb 30 January 2002 vol 631 cc40-2WA
Lord Christopher

asked Her Majesty's Government:

What the forthcoming business is in the Council of the European Union for February; and what are the major European Union events for the period between 31 January and July 2002. [HL2552]

The Minister for Trade (Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean)

See attached.

February 12—ECOFIN Meeting—Brussels

  1. 1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. 2. Approval of list of "A" items
  3. 3. Preparation for the European Council in Barcelona
    • Commission report on the functioning of product and capital markets (Cardiff report)
    • (Poss.) Report on increasing employment levels and prolonging working life
    • Broad Economic Policy Guidelines
    • Policy debate (on basis of, amongst other things, the Commission's summary report and contributions from other Councils)
  4. 4. Stability and growth pact
    • Examination of updated stability and convergence programmes
  5. 5. (Poss.) Update on the euro changeover
  6. 6. Commission report on globalisation: challenges and responses
  7. 7. Indirect taxation
    • VAT: Electronic commerce
  8. 8. Progress report on the procedures for the ratification of the Council Decision of 29 September 2000 on the system of own resources (OJ L 253, 7.10.2000, p42)
  9. 9. Other business

The following are the principal events in the EU between 1 March and July 2002 (certain relevant events are also included: the list is based on the information available at the date of issue).

Date Location Event
1 Brussels Justice and Home Affairs Council (Evening)
1 Brussels Internal Market, Consumers and Tourism Council
4 Brussels Eurogroup (Evening)
4 Brussels Environment Council
5 Brussels ECOFIN
7 Brussels Employment and Social Affairs Council
11 Brussels Research Council
11–12 Brussels General Affairs Council
15–16 Barcelona European Council
18 Toledo Trade Ministers Meeting (Ministerial Informal)

Date Locution Event
18 Toledo EUROMED Trade Ministers Meeting
18–19 Brussels Agriculture Council
23–24 Brussels Defence Ministers Meeting (Ministerial Informal)
25–26 Brussels Transport and Telecom Council
27–28 Monterrey, Mexico Financing and Development Conference
5–6 Luxembourg Migrations Council (ASEM Ministerial Informal)
8 Luxembourg Fisheries Council
13–14 Luxembourg ECOFIN (Ministerial Informal)
15–16 Luxembourg General Affairs Council
22–23 Valencia Euromed Conference
22–23 Luxembourg Agriculture Council
25–26 Luxembourg Justice and Home Affairs Council
27–30 Luxembourg Agriculture Council (Ministerial Informal)
3–4 Brussels Tourism Council (Ministerial Informal)
6 Brussels Eurogroup (Evening)
7 Brussels ECOFIN
9 Europe Day
13 Brussels General Affairs Council and Defence Ministers meeting
17–18 Madrid EU-Latin America and Caribbean Summit
21 Brussels Internal Market, Consumers and Tourism Council
23 Brussels Culture and Audio-visual Council
24–26 Brussels Environment Council (Ministerial Informal)
27–28 Brussels Agriculture Council
30 Brussels Development Council
30 Brussels Education and Youth Council
31–1 June Brussels Transport Council (Ministerial Informal)
3 Brussels Employment and Social Affairs Council
3 Brussels Eurogroup (Evening)
4 Luxembourg ECOFIN
6–8 Brussels Foreign Affairs Council (ASEM Ministers)
6–7 Brussels Industry and Energy Council
10–11 Brussels General Affairs Council
10–11 Brussels Agriculture Council
11 Brussels Fisheries Council
13–14 Brussels Justice and Home Affairs Council
17–18 Brussels Transport and Telecoms Council
17–18 Brussels General Affairs Council
21–22 Seville European Council
24 Brussels General Affairs Council (Possible)
24–25 Brussels Environment Council
25 Luxembourg ECOFIN
26 Brussels Health Council
6 Copenhagen ASEM Ministers for Finance
12 Brussels ECOFIN
12–13 Kolding Meeting of Employment and Social Policy Ministers (Informal)
15–16 Brussels Agriculture Council
19 Brussels Budget Meeting
19–21 Arhus Environment Ministers meeting (Informal)
22–23 Brussels General Affairs Council

Other Business

6–7—Valladolid—Ministerial Seminar on Democracy and Development

9–10—Brussels—Gymnich (Ministerial Informal)

11—Brussels—Eurogroup (Evening)

14—Brussels—Education and Youth Council

14–15—Brussels—Justice and Home Affairs Council (Ministerial Informal)

18–19—Brussels—General Affairs Council

18–19—Brussels—Agriculture Council

22–23—Brussels—Telecoms and Information Society Council (Ministerial Informal)

28—Brussels—Justice and Home Affairs Council

28—Brussels—Inaugural meeting of the Convention on the Future of Europe.