HC Deb 24 October 2001 vol 373 cc280-2W
Mr. Grieve

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will place in the Library the responses to his Department's consultation document, "The Law on Extradition: A Review". [9483]

Mr. Keith Bradley

The "Law on Extradition: A Review" was publishedas a consultation document on 12 March 2001. Copies of the review were sent out to a large number of consultees which included the Houses of Parliament and interested parliamentary groups; the judiciary/magistracy and legal associations; the prosecuting authorities; civil liberties' groups, extradition practitioners, all our extradition partners and interested parties in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The consultation document was made available on the Home Office website.

There were 22 written responses to the proposals contained in the document, seven of which requested that their responses should not be published. I am arranging for the 15 responses to be placed in the Library, they will also be made available on the Home Office website. I have also provided a detailed summary of the comments made by respondents in relation to the individual recommendations of the review, which I have also placed in the Library.

Mr. Alan Duncan

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list those in jail in Britain subject to an extradition request from a foreign Government(a) by name, (b) by country of origin, (c) by date of first request for extradition and (d) by date of any subsequent request for extradition. [7828]

Mr. Bob Ainsworth

There are currently 59 fugitives held in extradition custody. The power of provisional arrest means that in some cases the fugitive will have been remanded into custody before receipt of the formal extradition request. In some cases, the fugitive may be serving a domestic sentence, pending completion of which, no surrender can be ordered or take place. The table therefore provides the date of arrest in respect of each requesting jurisdiction. We are not aware of any case involving a supplementary or subsequent request. It is not policy or practice to list the names of those who are the subject of extradition proceedings.

Date of request Requesting jurisdiction
1. July 1995 USA
2. July 1998 USA
3. October 1998 USA
4. November 1998 USA
5. February 1999 USA
6. September 1999 USA
7. September 1999 USA
8. September 2000 USA
9. September 2000 USA
10. October 2000 USA
11. October 2000 USA
12. January 2001 USA
13. January 2001 USA
14. May 2001 USA
15. May 2001 USA
16. August 2001 USA
17. September 2001 USA
18. October 2001 USA
19. July 1997 Italy
20. July 1998 Italy
21. June 1999 Italy
22. April 2000 Italy
23. June 2001 Italy
24. July 2001 Italy
25. August 2001 Italy
26. July 2001 Switzerland
27. September 2001 Switzerland
28. September 2001 Switzerland
29. September 2001 Switzerland
30. September 2001 Switzerland
31. September 2001 Switzerland
32. August 1998 Germany
33. March 2000 Germany
34. September 2001 Germany
35. September 2001 Germany
36. September 1999 Belgium
37. July 2001 Belgium
Date of request Requesting jurisdiction
38. September 2001 Belgium
39. September 2001 Belgium
40. September 2001 Belgium
41. February 2001 Czech Republic
42. April 2001 Czech Republic
43. April 2001 Czech Republic
44. August 2001 Czech Republic
45. November 1995 France
46. June 1998 France
47. April 2000 France
48. May 2001 France
49. September 1996 South Africa
50. November 1997 South Africa
51. August 1999 South Africa
52. October 1998 Canada
53. September 2001 Canada
54. June 1996 Turkey
55. February 1997 Finland
56. August 1999 Greece
57. June 2000 Netherlands
58. April 2001 Spain
59. July 2001 Estonia

Mr. Dismore

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department which countries have sought the extradition of(a) Abu Qatada, (b) Yasser-al-Siri and (c) Abu Hamsa; and if he will make a statement. [8659]

Mr. Bob Ainsworth

It is long-standing Home Office policy never to confirm or deny whether extradition requests in respect of particular individuals have been made or received.