HC Deb 08 May 2001 vol 368 cc45-6W
Mr. Donaldson

To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many members of the(a) Provisional IRA, (b) Real IRA, (c) Continuity IRA, (d) INLA, (e) UDA/UFF, (f) LVF, (g) Orange volunteer Force and (h) Red Hand Defenders have been (i) charged with a terrorist-related offence and (ii) convicted of a terrorist-related offence in relation to crimes committed after 10 April 1998. [155469]

Mr. Ingram

The table details the number of persons charged with "terrorist-type" or serious public order offences since 10 April 1998. The following points should be noted about this information:

  1. (a) Where a person has been charged with a number of different offences only the most serious is shown. It is not possible to attribute responsibility to specific groups as to do so would incur a disproportionate cost.
  2. (b) Charges brought during this period may relate to offences committed prior to 10 April 1998.
  3. (c) The "other" category includes a range of public order offences including, for example riotous behaviour, possession or throwing of petrol bombs, assaulting police, hijacking and obstructing the highway. The offences of membership and withholding information are also included.

I regret that information concerning convictions is not available. The processing of court statistics on the court proceedings database was suspended in April 1998. Court data are therefore not available for 1998, 1999 and 2000. I understand that work to capture this missing data is at an advanced stage, but will be some time before this missing data is at an advanced stage, but will be some time before this information becomes available.

Persons charged with terrorist-type and serious public order offences
Loyalist Republican
10 April 1998–31 March 1999
Murder 4 1
Attempted Murder 4 3
Firearms 34 19
Explosives 10 3
Armed Robbery 17 10
Other 263 67
Total 332 103
1 April 1999–31 March 2000
Murder 4 1
Attempted Murder 6 0
Firearms 43 23
Explosives 9 7
Armed Robbery 7 14
Other 106 68
Total 175 113
1 April 2000–21 March 2001
Murder 5 1
Attempted Murder 13 2
Firearms 29 12
Explosives 2 9
Armed Robbery 8 7
Other 142 34
Total 199 65