HC Deb 22 March 2001 vol 365 cc300-1W
Mr. Key

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what the rates of pay are for Royal Logistics Corps(a) drivers, (b) supply specialists, (c) ammunition technicians and (d) chefs; and what plans he has to increase the rates of pay for those employed on explosive ordnance disposal. [154582]

Rank Pay range Driver Pay range Supply specialist Pay range Ammunition technician Pay range Chefs
Pte Lower £12,070.55–£16,800.95 Lower £12,070.55–£16,800.95 n/a Lower £12,070.55–£16,800.95
L Cpl Lower £15,461.40–£18,206.20 Lower £15,461.40–£18,206.20 Lower £15,461.40–£18,206.20 Higher £18,388.70–£22,100.75
Cpl Lower £19,812.20–£22,637.30 Lower £19,812.20–£22,637.30 Higher £20,575.05–£25,341.95 Higher £20,575.05–£25,341.95
Sgt Lower £22,925.65–£25,889.45 Lower £22,925.65–£25,889.45 Higher £25,017.10–£28,199.90 Higher £25,017.10–£28,199.90
S Sgt Lower £25,298.15–£28,904.35 Lower £25,298.15–£28,904.35 Higher £28,218.15–£32,109.05 Lower £25,298.15–£28,904.35
WO2 Higher £30.966.60–£33.028.85 Higher £30,966.60–£33,028.85 Higher £30,966.60–£33,028.85 Higher £30,966.60–£33,028.85

The trade of Ammunition Technician in the Royal Logistic Corps, whose duties include explosive ordnance disposal, has been subject to the job evaluation process. All ranks in this trade at corporal and above have been assigned to the higher pay range. Those employed on explosive ordnance disposal will, in common with other trades, be eligible under Pay 2000 for the award of annual incremental pay increases subject to satisfactory performance. In addition they will receive annual pay awards as recommended by the independent Armed Forces Pay Review Body.