HC Deb 22 March 2001 vol 365 cc286-8W
Ms Shipley

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions if he will set out, with statistical information relating as directly as possible to(a) Stourbridge and (b) the metropolitan borough of Dudley the effects on the area of his Department's (i) local government and (ii) transport policies and actions since 2 May 1997.[154731]

Ms Beverley Hughes

[holding answer 20 March 2001]The principal funding that this Department have provided to Dudley metropolitan borough in which Stourbridge falls since 2 May 1997 are shown in the table. These include grants and borrowing approvals for revenue and capital expenditure.

It is not possible to determine how much of this money has been spent on Stourbridge. It is for the local authority to decide where within its boundary these resources are applied.

The £55 million Dudley southern bypass was completed in 1999.

Nature of funding 1997–98 1998–99 1999–2000 2000–01 2001–02'
Revenue Support Grant2 87.24 97.44 102.52 98.35 108.29
Income from National non-Domestic Rates2 68.22 71.10 76.84 86.71 84.78
Housing Investment Programme3 5.37 4.41 4.42 10.97 3.20
Housing Revenue Account Subsidy 18.68 16.62 15.54 14.52 0.00
Capital Receipts Initiative 1.04 3.35 3.42 0.00 0.00
Cash Incentive Scheme 0.05 0.02 0.00 0.00 0.00
Capital Challenge 4.26 3.37 4.77 0.00 0.00
Major Repair Allowance 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 14.05
SRB Funding7 5.31 4.60 5.29 3.35 18.54
Neighbourhood Renewal4 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.76
ERDF Funding 2,169.315 4,135.111 5,557.033 7,667.424 3,066.129
ERDF Funding5 0.00 0.00 300.000 268.250 0.00
ESF Objective 2 648.439 1,003.649 1,263.193 0.00 0.00
ESF Objective 25 0.000 192.583 0.00 0.00 0.00
Transport Supplementary Grant 3.75 4.85 6.76 2.03 -
Transport Annual Capital Guideline 3.75 4.85 6.76 2.03 -
Transport Block Supplementary Credit Approval 1.58 1.82 1.51 3.61 6.86
Rural Bus Subsidy Grant6 0.00 0.08 0.07 0.09 0.11
Rural Bus Challenge Grant6 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.42 -
1 Where known
2 The amounts of Revenue Support Grant and Income from National non-Domestic Rates shown for 1997–98 and 1998–99 are the revised amounts allocated under "The Local Government Finance Report (England) 1997–98 Amending Report 1999" and "The Local Government Finance Report (England) 1998–99 Amending Report 2000" respectively.
3The Housing subsidy figure for 2000–01 is still provisional. The reduction in HIP resources for 2001–02 is due the introduction of the new Major Repair Allowance i.e. a new way of allocating resources for works to council stock; the table shows Dudley's indicative figure for 2001–02.
4This is the first year of a 3-year NRF allocation to Dudley. It will be for the emerging LSP to determine how and where it should he spent.
5 These amounts of ERDF and ESF Objective 2 grant have been identified as approved for projects within the Stourbridge district.
6Rural bus payments were made to the WM Passenger Transport Executive, Centro for spending across the metropolitan area.
7Details of SRB Projects.

Dudley Foundation For The Future (1995–2002)

The seven-year scheme aims to raise educational attainment, particularly for ethnic minorities; enhance employment and enterprise focusing on assisting small businesses and improving manufacturing excellence; improve housing and the environment and increase energy efficiency. Although generally borough-wide in approach there is some targeting, particularly in the Central Dudley and Brierley Hills areas.

Key Outputs

5,000 jobs created/safeguarded: 2,800 people obtaining qualifications; 530 new businesses; 4,500 new dwellings.


Single Regeneration Budget Total: £13.1 million Scheme Total: £43.2 million

Wren's Nest Comprehensive Area Regeneration-Dudley (1996–2000)

A six-year scheme from the Dudley Partnership Board. Developed from a Community Vision Conference, this scheme reflects the priorities of residents, local businesses, community organisations and public bodies. The Wren's Nest estate of almost 12,000 people is in one of the most deprived wards in Dudley. The scheme is intended to complement and extend the positive impact of Estate Action in the area. It will add value to that investment by raising skills levels, increasing the confidence and management ability of local people and promoting community safety.

Key Outputs

90 jobs created/safeguarded plus 17,385 construction jobs,

820 people obtaining qualifications, 950 people obtaining jobs,

540 dwellings improved an 170 completed.


Single Regeneration Budget Total: 1£0.4 million

Scheme Total: £36.6 million

Impact On Employment. (1996–2000)

A four-year scheme led by Stourbridge College, in partnership with the local ethnic minority community. The Partnership plans a range of initiative; to enhance confidence and skills within African and Caribbean communities. It will involve local employers more in promoting employment and training opportunities and targeting FE colleges to improve their response to this group by providing good practice models.

Key Outputs

100 qualifications gained, 140 people obtaining jobs after training and 300 residents accessing employment following advice.


Single Regeneration Budget Total: £175,000

Scheme Total: £63,000

Local Jobs For Local People (Dudley) (1998–2000)

This six-year scheme focuses on skilling for job opportunities at Merry Hill and local industrial estates. A training centre will be established offering programmes and child care with links to job vacancies at Merry Hill. Regeneration support will be given to the industrial estates to create jobs, which will also involve the training centres. New Deal support will be in creating opportunities for clients is and involving residents who fall outside New Deal parameters

Key Outputs

3,100 training weeks; 300 residents accessing employment through training, 5,000 sq.m. new business/commercial floorspace.


Single Regeneration Budget: –1.8 million

Scheme Total: –7 million.