HC Deb 21 March 2001 vol 365 cc276-7W
20. Mr. Pike

To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office what measures of deregulation she plans to introduce in the next 12 months following the passing of regulatory reform legislation. [153322]

Mr. Stringer

On Monday 19 March, I placed a list of proposals that could be enacted under the Regulatory Reform Bill in the House Library.

The Bill received its Second Reading the same day.

Consultation documents issued this week on five measures from that list. These will: simplify, speed up and make fairer the procedures for renewing business leases; place local authority business tenants on the same footing with lease renewals as other business tenants; deregulate new year's eve licensing and the Queen's Golden Jubilee; and reform the grants and loans arrangements for the renewal of private sector housing; and allow people to use banknotes and smartcards when playing with gaming machines.

The full list of 51 proposals currently stands as follows:

  1. 1. Abolition of 20 partner limit (DTI)
  2. 2. After-hours child care at schools (DfEE)
  3. 3. Approving a LEA's curriculum complaints procedures (DfEE)
  4. 4. Attachment of Earnings (LCD)
  5. 5. Births and Deaths—Wales (ONS)
  6. 6. Births and Deaths—errors on certificates (ONS/HMT)
  7. 7. Bootleggers—Disclosure of names (HM Customs and Excise)

  1. 8. Building Regulations (DETR)
  2. 9. Business tenancies (DETR)
  3. 10. Civil Registration Service Reform (ONS/HMT)
  4. 11. Copyright and Patents (Patent Office)
  5. 12. Dental services-provision by corporate bodies (DoH)
  6. 13. Disclosure of information by MAFF to, HSE (MAFF)
  7. 14. Disposal of land at less than best price (DETR)
  8. 15. DVLA links with Benefit Agency (DVLA)
  9. 16. DVLA/Passport Agency Data Links (DVLA)
  10. 17. Environment Agency Legislative Review (DETR)
  11. 18. Fire safety (Home Office)
  12. 19. Gaming Machines (Home Office)
  13. 20. Grants and loans for the renewal of private sector housing (DETR)
  14. 21. Home Grown Cereals Authority: Approval by Ministers of pensions and gratuities and arrangements for maintaining pension schemes (MAFF)
  15. 22. Home Grown Cereals Authority: Approval by the Treasury of remuneration for advisory committee members (MAFF)
  16. 23. Home Grown Cereals Authority: Corn Returns (MAFF)
  17. 24. Housing Transfers (DETR)
  18. 25. Invalid Care Allowance (DSS)
  19. 26. Landlord and Tenant Act s.57 (DETR)
  20. 27. Legal Services Ombudsman—personal signature (LCD)
  21. 28. Meat and Livestock Commission—extension of powers (MAFF)
  22. 29. Medicine Licences (DoH)
  23. 30. New Years Eve deregulation (Home Office)
  24. 31. NHS Accounting for charitable funds (DoH)
  25. 32. National Insurance Contributions (NICS)—Third party awards to employees (Inland Revenue)
  26. 33. Orders removing exemptions from caravan site licensing (DETR)
  27. 34. Public Health Legislation—comminunicable disease (DoH)
  28. 35. Reform of charity law (Home Office Charity Commission)
  29. 36. Reform of Gambling—Bingo (Home Office)
  30. 37. Reform of Unsolicited Goods and Service Act (DTI)
  31. 38. Rehabilitation of offenders—caution reprimands and final warnings (Home Office)
  32. 39. Repeal of Trading Stamps Act (DTI)
  33. 40. Restaurant licensing hours (Home Office)
  34. 41. Road Traffic Regulation (DETR)
  35. 42. Sexual Offences and access to victim material (Home Office)
  36. 43. Solicitors Act 1974 (LCD)
  37. 44. Street Trading (Home Office)
  38. 45. Tree Preservation Order System (DETR)
  39. 46. Unfair contract terms (DTI)
  40. 47. Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme (DSS)
  41. 48. Vehicle Crime Reduction—Seriously Damaged Vehicle Information Hot Line and Mandatory Mileage Recording (DVLA)
  42. 49. Vexatious Litigants (LCD)
  43. 50. Voluntary aided schools capital funding arrangements (DfEE)
  44. 51. Weights and measures (DTI)