HC Deb 20 March 2001 vol 365 cc152-5W
Mr. Drew

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment if he will estimate the cash resources to be paid directly to Stroud schools, by sector, in 2001–02 on the basis of proposals in the pre-Budget report; and if he will list the schools to benefit, giving the sum in each case. [152179]

Jacqui Smith

[holding answer [...] March 2001]The following table shows the estimated allocations made to schools in the Stroud constituency for additional devolved formula capital in 2000–01, following the pre-Budget report. This funding was made available in 2000–01 rather than 2001–02. Gloucestershire local education authority will be able to confirm the final allocations made to non-Voluntary Aided schools. A total of £4.346 million devolved formula capital has been made available to schools in Gloucestershire in 2000–01.

Schools in Gloucestershire will benefit from over £11.5 million through New Deal for Schools Devolved formula capital over the three years 2001–02 to 2003–04, plus a share of the £300 million of additional funds made available by the Chancellor for the programme in his Budget of 7 March.

Overall, central Government support for capital investment in school buildings in England has tripled from £683 million a year in 1996–97 to over £2 billion in 2000–01. It will be £3.5 billion in 2003–04, including grant, credit approvals and Private Finance Initiative credits. There will be central Government investment of £8.5 billion in school buildings in total from 2001–02 to 2003–04.

Additional devolved formula capital announced in the pre-Budget report November 2000. Allocations to schools in Stroud Constituency
to school
School name School type (£)
Thomas Keble School Non-VA 9,139
Maidenhill School Non-VA 11,258
Archway School Non-VA 17,039
Berkeley Vale Community School Non-VA 7,203
Rednock School Non-VA 20,924
Parliament Primary School Non-VA 5,642
Cam Woodfield Infant Non-VA 4,997
Marling School Non-VA 13,638
Stroud High School Non-VA 14,083
Berkeley Primary School Non-VA 5,415
Eastcombe Primary School Non-VA 4,116
Chalford Hill Primary School Non-VA 5,276
Eastington Primary School Non-VA 4,796
Sharpness Primary School Non-VA 4,622
Sheepscombe Primary School Non-VA 4,037
Slimbridge Primary School Non-VA 4,343
Stroud Valley Community School Non-VA 6,095
Uplands Community Primary School Non-VA 4,534
The Thrupp School Non-VA 4,569
Whiteshill Primary School Non-VA 4,238
Cashes Green Primary School Non-VA 4,988
Rodborough Community Primary School Non-VA 5,310
The Croft School Non-VA 4,630
Callowell Primary School Non-VA 5,258
Foxmoor Primary School Non-VA 5,912
Gastrells Community Primary School Non-VA 5,119
Cam Everlands Primary School Non-VA 5,546
Bisley Blue CE Primary School Non-VA 4,098
Coaley CE Primary School Non-VA 4,125
Dursley CE Primary School Non-VA 6,139
Frampton-on-Severn CE Primary School Non-VA 4,273
Saul CE Primary School Non-VA 4,404

Additional devolved formula capital announced in the pre-Budget report November 2000. Allocations to schools in Stroud Constituency
to school
School name School type (£)
Stone with Woodford CE Primary School Non-VA 4,177
Haresfield CE Primary School Non-VA 4,395
Longley CE Primary School Non-VA 4,543
Nailsworth CE Primary School Non-VA 5,685
Randwick CE Primary School Non-VA 4,142
Uley CE Primary School Non-VA 4,404
Upton St. Leonards CE Primary School Non-VA 6,762
Whitminster Endowed CE Primary School Non-VA 4,194
Minchinhampton School Non-VA 5,851
King's Stanley CE Infant School Non-VA 4,212
The Park Infant School Non-VA 5,476
Park Junior School Non-VA 6,374
King's Stanley CE Junior School Non-VA 4,561
The Cam Woodfield Junior School Non-VA 5,485
The Whitminster Centre Non-VA 3,933
Cam House Special School Non-VA 4,927
Amberley Ridge School Non-VA 5,267
Bownham Park School Non-VA 5,869
The Shrubberies School Non-VA 5,267
LEA Liabilities at VA Schools 16.976
Total allocation to Non-VA Schools 328,263
Oakridge Parochial School VA 3,149
Cam Hopton CE Primary School VA 4,258
Christ Church CE Primary School VA 3,115
Bussage CE Primary School VA 4,139
Cranham CE Primary School VA 3,066
Hardwicke Parochial Primary School VA 5,526
Horsley CE Primary School VA 3,442
Leonard Stanley CE Primary School VA 3,944
Amberely Parochial School VA 3,547
Brimscombe CE Primary School VA 3,372
Miserden CE Primary School VA 3,219
North Nibley CE Primary School VA 3,491
Sapperton CE Primary School VA 3,198
St. Matthew's CE Primary School VA 4,801
Woodchester Endowed CE Primary School VA 3,930
St. Dominic's RC Primary School VA 3,435
St. Joseph's RC Primary School VA 3,930
The Rosary RC Primary School VA 4,292
Total allocation to VA Schools 67,854
Total additional allocation to schools 396,117

Mr. Trickett

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment if he will list the cash resources paid to schools, by phase, in(a) Hemsworth constituency and (b) Wakefield district in each financial year since 2 May 1997; and if he will list the schools that benefited and indicate the sum in each case. [153005]

Ms Estelle Morris

The first table shows amounts payable to schools for School Standards Grant and devolved capital allocations in the financial year 2000–01. Neither grant was payable before that year. The amounts payable by phase are as follows:

Nursery Primary Secondary Special PRU
School Standards Grant 279,000 320,000 30,000 3,000
Devolved capital 440,319 296,664 22,052 5,476
School Standards Grant 15,000 1,005,000 780,000 135,000 6,000
Devolved capital 15,543 1,563,764 720,064 103,054 11,135

The following table shows funding allocations for Wakefield LEA since 1997–98 for Standard Spending Assessment, Standards Fund (including class size grant from 1999–2000) and NDS capital:

£ million
SSA Standards Fund NDS
1997–98 111.5 2.960 0.600
1998–99 122.9 5.045 1.924
1999–2000 129.0 7.503 2.382
2000–01 135.5 12.466 4.422
2001–02 141.0 112.156 21.997
1Allocation not finalised and likely to increase
2NDS Condition and NDS Devolved Formula; not related to NDS4 in 2000–01

The amounts payable to each school for School Standards Grant and devolved capital are contained in tables, copies of which have been placed in the Library.

The increase in funding in Wakefield LEA between 1997–98 and 2000–01 is £340 per pupil in real terms.