HC Deb 18 December 2001 vol 377 cc189-92W
Mr. Cox

To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what financial assistance has been given by her Department to Sri Lanka in each of the last two years; for what projects; and where in Sri Lanka they were. [22975]

Clare Short

Full details of DFID's programme are contained in the table.

Projects/description Start date End date Region
Primary Education Planning Project
To strengthen capacity of the national and provincial authorities to plan, manage, monitor and evaluate primary education programmes within an agreed policy framework October 1996 March 2001 Country wide
Primary English Language Project
To improve the quality of teaching of basic English Language skills in Sri Lankan primary schools April 1996 August 2002 Country wide
Primary Mathematics Project
To improve the quality of teaching and learning of mathematics in primary schools in Sri Lanka March 1998 March 2003 Country wide
Education Co-ordination Project
To ensure that DFID funding TC projects in the education sector in Sri Lanka are well co-ordinated with those funded by the World bank and other donors March 1997 August 2003 Country wide
Relief and Reconciliation Programme—SCF/Oxfam
To help meet the basic survival and emerging rehabilitation needs of communities affected by the civil conflict April 1997 March 2001 Refugee camps
Oxfam Support to Country Programme
To build on Oxfam's emerging competencies in conflict analysis and grass roots work to facilitate the practical application of tools for transforming community dynamics. To enable people affected by poverty and conflict are better able to cope with, challenge and overcome the barriers sustaining their condition April 2001 March 2002 Country wide
SCF Support to Country Programme
To ensure that the voices of marginalised and vulnerable children are heard and acted upon, in policy and practise, for the best interest of these children, in education, social protection, inclusion and emergencies April 2001 March 2002 Country wide
Mother and Child Reproductive Health Project for Displaced Persons
Provision of three static clinics which also provide mobile health services to the displaced population October 1995 December 2003 Vavuniya, Puttalum, Horowpathana
Mother and Child Reproductive Health Care in Mannar
Increase access to and utilisation of reproductive health services (in co-ordination with Government services among the displaced population and host community in Mannar) September 1998 June 2003 Mannar
Strengthening Prospects for Peace in Sri Lanka
To enhance the prospects for a sustainable negotiated settlement by strengthening the capacity of senior cross party parliamentarians and other significant actors to contribute to the peace process August 2000 August 2003 Colombo
International Humanitarian Law—A Peace Building Measure in Sri Lanka
To establish and support a respected group from within the international Buddhist community who will engage with senior Buddhist Clergy in Sri Lanka in International Humanitarian Law, trust-building, de-escalation and wider peace processes November 2000 October 2001 Colombo

DFID expenditure in Sri Lanka 1999–2000 and 2000–01

Total Bilateral Aid:

  • 1999–2000: £7,827 million
  • 2000–01: £7,282 million

DFID has financed projects targeting primary education, improving the livelihoods of those people affected by the conflict, mother and child health, promoting social cohesion and reconciliation, poverty reduction, capacity building of community based organisations, child soldiers, micro enterprise, mental illness and promoting human rights. Activities of these projects have been undertaken in Vavuniya, Puttalum, Horowpahana, Mannar, Colombo, Mahaweli, Jaffna, Kurunegala, Gampaha, Kilinochi, Mullaitivu, Trincomalee, Pudukudyirrapu, Meerakerny, Okewala, Villachiciya and country wide.

Projects/description Start date End date Region
Environmental Management and Sustained Development in the Upper Mahaweli Catchment Area
To improve the operational capacity of the EFCD so that it more December 1995 September 2001 effectively serves the needs of its customers who are the major users of the land in the Upper Mahaweli Catchment Area December 1995 September 2001 Mahaweli
Urban Poverty Reduction in Colombo Municipality
To reduce poverty in the city of Colombo by developing a participatory and sustainable institutional framework within the municipal structure that is close to the poor and where the community can be effectively organised for livelihood and environmental improvement June 2000 October 2003 Colombo
Greater Colombo Sewerage Project
To provide background information relating to technical and policy issues required to enable a major World bank project to proceed August 1997 February 2000 Colombo
Jaffna Power Rehabilitation
To restore power to the Jaffna area in a sustained manner June 1996 November 2000 Jaffna
Ongoing humanitarian assistance and implementation of the ICRC mandate January 1998 December 2001 Country wide
UNICEF Programme of Special Assistance for Children and Women Affected by Conflict
Promote the civil empowerment and participation among families and communities to build capacities for coping with the effects of the conflict and continue to strengthen child survival, protection and development to serve as a platform for reconciliation and conflict resolution January 1998 June 2002 Refugee camps
Capacity Building on Community Based Organisations in Jaffna
To strengthen 20 CBOs to enable them to provide sustainable financial services in a post conflict situation July 2000 June 2002
Light Engineering in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
To learn through action research about the cost effectiveness of the different approaches to increasing technological capability and capacity within the particular socioeconomic environments of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka April 1998 March 2001 Kurunegala, Gampaha
Sri Lanka: Save The Children From Violence Campaign
To increase awareness at all levels of Sri Lankan society that armed conflict has an unacceptable impact on all Sri Lankan children November 1999 March 2000 Country wide
UNHCR Displaced Persons
Facilitate Internally Displaced People to their place of origin or their resettlement in other designated locations in Sri Lanka February 1998 December 2001 Kilinochi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Vavuniya, Trincomalee, Jaffna
Vulnerable Groups in Conflict Areas (VOICE)
To increase the opportunities for all sectors of the conflict affected population to represent their needs and rights to the authorities December 2000 March 2004 North and East
Micro Enterprise
To increase the number and profitability of small scale food processing businesses in Sri Lanka and thereby stimulate rural employment, income levels, self sufficiency and entrepreneurial activities March 2000 March 2004 Pudukudyirrapu, Meerakerny, Mangalagama, Okewela, Villachciya
Establishment of Continuum of Care for the Mentally III
To establish a residential rehabilitation institution/therapeutic community to prepare those who are recovering from mental illness for independent living in the community April 1999 March 2002 Colombo

DFID' s bilateral programme in Sri Lanka is increasingly focused on the relationship between poverty and conflict. The objectives of the programme are to: improve livelihood security of the poor in conflict areas; explore processes for intercommunual reconciliation; and improve the quality of education, particularly at primary level.

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