HC Deb 27 June 2000 vol 352 cc443-4W
Fiona Mactaggart

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list the current waiting times in each queue for entry to the UK for settlement in each post in the Indian subcontinent and in(a) Manila, (b) Bangkok, (c) Lagos, (d) Abuja, (e) Accra, (f) St. Petersburg and (g) Moscow. [127112]

Mr. Vaz

The most recent information available from the Posts concerned shows the following waiting times for settlement entry clearance interviews:

Posts using 4 queue system Waiting time in weeks
Q1 6
Q2 22.5
Q3 32
Q4 38
Q1 16
Q2 28
Q3 16
Q4 44
New Delhi
Q1 0
Q2 10
Q3 10
Q4 10
Q1 0
Q2 6
Q3 6
Q4 6


Q1 = Dependent relatives over 65; special compassionate cases

Q2 = Spouses, children under 18

Q3 = Fiance(e)s; other settlement categories

Q4 = Reapplicants

Other posts Waiting time in weeks
Calcutta 2.9
Karachi 5
Madras 9
Colombo 11
Manila 13
Bangkok 7
Lagos 8
Abuja 17
Accra 34
St. Petersburg 6
Moscow 3.2

Figures for Islamabad, Karachi, Dhaka, Calcutta, New Delhi, Madras, Colombo, Abuja and Moscow are for May 2000. All others, with the exception of Manila (where computer difficulties have hindered submission of statistical information since March 2000) are for April 2000.

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