HC Deb 20 October 1999 vol 336 c583W
Mr. Matthew Taylor

To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office if she will list the titles of the in-house publications and newsletters which were produced for the staff of her Department, excluding non-departmental public

Cabinet Office in-house publications and newsletters produced for staff in the last five years
Publication Frequency Classification Start date End date
SCOOPS—Staff magazine Monthly Unclassified 1989 Ongoing
The Weekly—weekly round up of news/vacancies etc. Weekly Unclassified 1997 Ongoing
Cabinet Office organisation chart1 Quarterly Unclassified September 1997 Ongoing
Senior Staff Guide Quarterly Unclassified Ongoing
Cabinet Office paper directory Half yearly Unclassified Ongoing
Infra-red newsletter from IT section Quarterly Unclassified January 1997 Ongoing
New Accommodation project newsletter Quarterly Unclassified November 1998 Ongoing
Resources Accounting and Budgeting Manual On Intranet Unclassified Ongoing
Finance and Planning Manual On Intranet Unclassified Ongoing
Procurement Manual On Intranet Unclassified Ongoing
Fraud and Negligence Manual On Intranet Unclassified Ongoing
Little Black Finance Handbook On Intranet Unclassified Ongoing
Managing Local Finance Guide On Intranet Unclassified Ongoing
Punctuation Basics On Intranet Unclassified Ongoing
Planning and Budgeting Round Guidance Annually Unclassified Ongoing
Cabinet Office Annual Business Plan Annually Unclassified Ongoing
Mid-year Performance Report Annually Unclassified Ongoing
Annual Performance Report Annually Unclassified Ongoing
Mid-Year Review Guidance Annually Unclassified Ongoing
The role of Internal Audit in the Cabinet Office—Leaflet Issued once Unclassified November 1997
Guide to Parliamentary business
The Parliamentary Directory
Conditions of service for Part-Time staff As required Unclassified February 1998 Ongoing
Performance Appraisal Guidance As required Unclassified February 1997 Ongoing
Pregnancy and Work (booklet) As required Unclassified Pre 1994 Ongoing
Training and Development Notices As required Unclassified Pre 1995 Ongoing
Training Directory Annually Unclassified Pre 1995 Ongoing
Grapevine (weekly bulletin of Personnel Division) Weekly Unclassified January 1999 Ongoing
Personnel Division Annual Report Annually Unclassified May 1999 Ongoing
Pay and Grading Consultation Document Unclassified April 1997 Ongoing
Cabinet Office Management Code As required Unclassified July 1996 Ongoing
Terms and conditions of service Handbook As required Unclassified March 1996 Ongoing
Conduct and Discipline Staff Handbook As required Unclassified February 1995 Ongoing
As required Usually Unclassified (depends on subject content)
Office Notices Pre 1994 Ongoing
Pay and grading Newsletters Up to 7 per year Unclassified February 1995 Ongoing
Job Advertising Scheme Guidance As required Unclassified July 1995 Ongoing
Banding Guidance Issued once Unclassified September 1997
Human Resource Strategy Document Issued once Unclassified 1996
The Phoenix Project Report (Report on Department's Central Services) Issued once Unclassified December 1994
Induction Pack for new entrants Half yearly Unclassified 1997 Ongoing
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