HC Deb 17 June 1999 vol 333 cc216-8W
Mr. Bercow

To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will list total United Kingdom permitted landings, in tonnes, of fish under the present Common Fisheries Policy distributions; and if he will estimate discards, by tonne, of each fish type in the past 12 months. [86730]

Mr. Morley

The United Kingdom's quota share of the Total Allowable Catch (which need not be landed in the UK) for 1999 is set out in the table:

Stock and ICES1 reporting area 1999 UK quota
Sandeels IIa, IV 20,000
Herring I, II 25,190
Herring IVa, b 40,570
Herring IVc, VIId 1,693
Herring Vb, VIaN, VIb 39,240
Herring VIa (Clyde) 1,000
Herring VIIa 4,880
Herring VIIe, f 500
Herring VIIg-k 30
Herring IIa, IV Industrial by-catch 550
Cod IIa, IV 56,260
Cod Vb, VI, XII, XIV 5,690
Cod VIIa 1,585
Cod VIIb-k, VIII, IX, X 1,570
Megrim IIa, IV 2,880
Megrim Vb, VI, XII, XIV 1,520
Megrim VII 3,210
Dab and Flounder IIa, IV 2,590
Anglers IIa, IV 17,960
Anglers Vb, VI, XII, XIV 2,650
Anglers VII 4,800
Haddock IIa, IV 57,045
Haddock Vb, VI, XII, XIV 15,110
Haddock VII, VIII, IX, X 2,220
Haddock VIIa 2,390
Whiting IIa, IV 24,590
Whiting Vb, VI, XII, XIV 4,060
Whiting VIIa 1,720
Whiting VIIb-k 2,680
Hake Ha, IV 350
Hake Vb, VI, XII, XIV 5,550
Lemon sole and Witch IIa, IV 7,330
Blue Whiting IIa, IV 1,070
Nephrops IIa, IV 13,165
Nephrops Vb, VI 12,305
Nephrops VII 7,545
Plaice IIa, IV 28,070
Plaice Vb, VI, XII, XIV 1,450
Plaice VIIa 885
Plaice VIId, e 2,150
Plaice VIIf, g 205
Plaice VIIh, j, k 170
Pollack Vb, VI, XII, XIV 400
Pollack VII 2,960
Saithe IIa, IIIb, c, d IV 8,830
Saithe Vb, VI, XII, XIV 3,125
Saithe VII, VIII, IX, X 1,350
Turbot and Brill IIa, IV 1,390
Skates and Rays IIa, IV 3,920
Mackerel IIa (EC) III, IV 1,390
Mackerel IIa (non-EC), Vb, VI, VII, VIIIa, b, d, e, XII, XIV 165,480
Sole II, IV 945
Sole Vb, VI, XII, XIV 30
Sole VIIa 200
Sole VIId 905
Sole VIIe 410
Sole VIIf, g 270
Sole VIIh, j, k 120
Sprat IIa, IV 5,900
Sprat VIId, e 6,300
Horse mackerel IIa, IV 5,840
Horse mackerel Vb, VI, VII, VIIIa, b, c, d, e, XII, XIV 25,310
1 International Council for the Exploration of the Sea

Information on discards is not collected on a comparable stock by stock basis. From research work involving observers on fishing vessels, scientists estimate that the level of discarding varies according to number and age of fish available, season, mesh size used and anticipated market conditions as perceived by fishermen. We understand that discarding tends to be very low for pelagic species and for some demersal fish such as sole but can be significantly higher for gadoids such as cod, haddock and whiting.

MAFF is contributing funds to an international project to study the economic causes of discarding at sea and to consider alternative management measures to reduce discarding in EU fisheries. The majority of fish discarded is undersize or considered uneconomic.

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