HC Deb 19 July 1999 vol 335 cc377-8W
Mr. Hepburn

To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if he will make a statement about the arrangements for the provision of additional ECGD support to facilitate the completion of the Ungaren Klaten transmission lines and sub-stations contract between VA Tech Reyrole Projects and PLN of Indonesia. [92224]

Mr. Byers

I have been advised by the Export Credits Guarantee Department's Accounting Officer that, in his view, the risks involved in giving medium and long-term export credit guarantees for exports to Indonesia under Section 1(1) of the Export and Investment Guarantees Act 1991 do not currently meet ECGD's normal underwriting criteria.

In view of the importance that we attach to our relations with Indonesia, I have instructed ECGD's Accounting Office to make arrangements to provide an additional US$1.1 million of support to enable VA Tech Reyrolle

1998–99 1997–98 1996–97 1995–96 1994–95
Number of testers employed 438 394 393 448 1273
Number of vehicles tested2 988,491 970,775 968,426 959,727 981,298
Number of voluntary tests3 38,016 36,902 29,965 425,124 10,224
Number of vehicle examiners employed 252 248 235 235 229
Number of traffic examiners employed 169 166 162 159 163
Number of HGVs and trailers examined for roadworthiness5 132,826 158,289 171,203 162,607 166,099
Number of HGVs checked for traffic enforcement6 161,268 192,573 214,924 248,674 267,217
Number of HGVs checked at emission spot checks 12,149 12,812 13,887 11,406 n/a
Number of PSVs examined for roadworthiness5 26,394 34,484 35,921 30,787 32,338
Number of PSVs checked for traffic enforcement6 18,183 30,436 30,435 38,306 39,036
Number of PSVs checked at emission spot checks 7,940 10,867 11,001 10,140 n/a
Number of LGVs7 examined for roadworthiness5 13,810 17,481 19,964 18,326 19,992
Number of LGVs checked for traffic enforcement6 9,671 10,879 14,108 21,830 n/a
Number of LGVs checked at emission spot checks 76,253 93,156 99,446 108,757 n/a
1 Figure does not include all grades of staff carrying out testing work due to the way in which information was recorded at the time.
2 Includes tests and retests of HGVs, PSVs and LGVs. A vehicle may be retested more than once.
3 Test carried out in VI's test stations designed to aid test preparation or for routine maintenance. Checks available for brake tests, headlamp aim, smoke check or multi-check.
4 From 1995–96, voluntary brake tests were based on number of axles tested. Figures include brake checks on axles, headlamp aim checks, smoke checks and multi-checks.
5 Figure includes vehicles inspected at the roadside and at operator's premises for mechanical condition. A vehicle will be counted in the figure for roadworthiness inspections and traffic enforcement inspections if it has been checked by both a VE and a TE.
6 Figure includes documentation checks and weighings. Figure does not include the number of individual tachograph charts checked. TEs checked 1,417,646 tachograph charts in 1998–99.
7 Cars, vans, taxis and non-testable vehicles (eg mobile cranes, mechanical diggers) n/a Figure not available.
Projects to undertake the necessary additional work to allow previously supplied equipment to become fully operational.

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