HC Deb 11 January 1999 vol 323 cc109-16W
Mr. Robert Jackson

To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will list(a) the (i) task forces, (ii) review panels and (iii) advisory groups his Department has, (b) the remit of each and (c) the members of each together with their principal employment and their level of remuneration. [62816]

Mr. Morley

The following sets out the remit, membership and members' remuneration of Advisory Groups whose members are appointed by MAFF Ministers, reflecting membership as at 31 December 1998. The remuneration figures include attendance payments and payments for preparatory work. Reasonable expenses are payable for members' travel and subsistence costs; these are specific to each member and have therefore not been included. Details of members' principal employment could be provided only at a disproportionate cost.

Neither the Ministry nor its Agencies have any Task Forces or Review Panels whose members are appointed by Ministers. However, there are several groups with flexible membership which have been formed either for a specific issue or on an on-going basis so that the Ministry may involve industry and other interested parties in its processes. Attendance at meetings of these groups is voluntary and no remuneration or expenses are payable to those who attend. Attendance is apt to change from meeting to meeting, therefore details of these groups have not been given.

Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes To advise Health and Agriculture Ministers of Great Britain and Heads of the Departments of Health and Social Services for Northern Ireland on matters relating to the irradiation of food or the manufacture of novel foods or foods produced by novel processes, having regard to the views of relevant expert bodies.

£per meeting
Prof. Peter John Aggett Member 138
Prof. Janet Mary Bainbridge Chairperson 176
Prof. Charles Brown Member 138
Dr. Philip John Dale Member 138
Dr. Michael J. Gasson Member 138
Dr. John Heritage Member 138
Prof. David Arthur Ledward Member 138
Reverend Dr. Michael Jonathan Reiss Member 138
Prof. Ian Rowland Member 138
Mrs. E. Russell Member 138
Prof. Thomas Andrew Bruce Sanders Member 138
Prof. Herbert Sewell Member 138
Dr. Norman Alan Simmons Member 138
Prof. Ronald Walker Member 138
Prof. H. F. Woods Member 138

Advisory Committee on Pesticides To advise Ministers, either when requested to do so or otherwise, on any matters relating to the control of pests including the safety of pesticides in respect of people, animals, crops and the environment.

£ per meeting
Prof. Sir Colin Leonard Berry Chairperson 175
Prof. Alan Boobis Member 138
Mrs. Elaine Prosser Brown Member 138
Prof. Peter Calow Member 138
Dr. Andree Denise Carter Member 138
Prof. David N. M. Coggon Member 138
Prof. Donald L. Lee Member 138
Mr. Jim Orson Member 138
Mrs. Sylvia Mary Owen Member 138
Dr. Alexander Thompson Proudfoot Member 138
Prof. Thomas Michael Roberts Member 138
Prof. Geoffrey Roger Sagar CBE Deputy Chairperson 138
Prof. Ian C. Shaw Member 138
Dr. Colin A. Soutar Member 138
Prof. Paul Webster Member 138

Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committees To advise housing authorities on the agricultural need and urgency when a farmer asks the authority to re-house an ex-employee, because he needs the accommodation for an incoming worker. An ADHAC is formed to deal with each individual case. When an ADHAC is formed, a Chair is chosen from amongst the members.

£ per day Anglia Region
Mr. Christopher J. Barker Member 86
Mr. A. F. Felstead Member 86
Ms Jeanette Irene Firrell Member 86
Mr. C. Gillot Member 86
Mr. M. J. Harrison Member 86
Mr. Edward Thomas Kirby Member 86
Mr. A. W. J. Langford Member 86
Mr. Peter G. Scates Member 86
East Midlands Region
Mr. B. J. Clayton Member 86
Miss Emma J. Huntsman Member 86
Mr. Thomas Anthony Twigg Member 86
Mr. A. R. Wylde Member 86
North Eastern Region
Mr. Derek R. Gardner Member 86
Mr. Kenneth Graham Member 86
South Mercia Region
Mr. Raymond Druett Member 86
Mr. C. Patrick Love Member 85
Mrs. Evelyn Mary Milton Member 86
Mr. Glyn Nicholas Member 86
Mrs. Joyce E. Thomas Member 86
Mr. Roger Bailey Weaver Member 86
Wessex Region
Mr. George R. Bartaby Member 86
Mr. G. C. Clifton Member 86
Mr. K. A. Parsons Member 86

Committee of Investigation for Great Britain To consider and report to the Minister, if the Minister concerned with agriculture in the area effected directs, on; (i) any report made by the appropriate Consumers' Committee appointed under section 19 of the Agricultural Marketing Act 1958, (ii) any complaints made to the Minister as to the operation of a marketing scheme applicable to England and Wales, to Great Britain or to the United Kingdom which, in the opinion of the Minister, could not be considered by a Consumers' Committee, (iii) any question referred to the Minister under section 20(3) of the 1958 Act, which deals with directions that may be given by the Minister to Marketing Boards.

£ per day
Mr. Raymond Harris Member 130
Mr. Hugh Humphreys-Jones Member 130
Mrs. Rowena Lawrence-Mills Bsc Member 130
Dame Sheila Masters CBE Member 130
Mrs. Eileen Masterman Member 130
Mrs. Suzan Matthews QC Chairperson 253
Mr. Denis G. G. Moloney LLB Member 130

Consumers Committee for Great Britain To consider and report to the Minister on:

  1. (i) the effect of Agricultural Marketing Schemes (now only wool) on consumers.
  2. 112
  3. (ii) any complaints made to the Committees, on the schemes by consumers.

Mrs. Dorothy Cockerell Member Expenses only
Mrs. Barbara L. M. Hawkins Member Expenses only
Mrs. Janet Laurence Chairperson Expenses only
Mr. John Murphy Member Expenses only
Mrs. Joy Roberts Member Expenses only
Mrs. Marjorie Snowden Member Expenses only
Mr. Gilbert Tracy Member Expenses only

Consumer Panel To bring to the attention of Ministers food issues of concern to consumers; to advise on the transparency for consumers of Ministers food policies; to advise on the transmission to consumers of advice and information relating to Ministers' policies.

£ per meeting
MAFF Minister of State, Mr. Rooker Chairperson Nil
Mrs. Susan Baker Member 139
Dr. John Godfrey Member 139
Mr. John Keith Hosker Member 139
Miss Jane Lloyd Hughes Member 139
Mrs. Mary H. Kidd JP Member 139
Mrs. Janet Laurence Member 139
Ms Eva Lewis Member 139
Ms Jacqueline Salfield Member 139
Mrs. Phyllis M. Sluice Member 139
Dr. Jane Wilde Member 139

An additional fee of £28 is payable for writing papers which are discussed in meetings.

Farm Animal Welfare Council To keep under review the welfare of farm animals on agricultural land, at markets, in transit and at place of slaughter, and to advise Agriculture Ministers of any legislative or other changes that may be necessary.

£ per meeting
Prof. Mike Baxter Member 111
Mrs. Rosemary Berry Member 111
Mr. Glenn Berry Member 111
Prof. Donald M. Broom Member 111
Prof. Stephen R. L. Clark Member 111
Mr. John A. C. Don Member 111
Dr. Peter Roderick English Member 111
Mr. Tim Charles Harris Member 111
Ms Vicki Hird Member 111
Mr. Gareth Jones Lloyd Member 111
Mr. Anthony Robin Lucas Member 111
Mrs. Judy Macarthur Clark Member 111
Mr. Richard Maunder Member 111
Prof. John Peter McInerney OBE Member 111
Miss Miriam Jane Parker Member 111
Dr. Mark Pattison Member 111
Dr. Martin James Potter Member 111
Mr. Francis Edward Shields OBE Member 111
Prof. Sir Colin Raymond William Speeding CBE Chairperson 176
Mr. Paul Staines MBE Member 111
Mrs. Josephine Margaret Turnbull Member 111
Mr. Mike Vaughan Member 111
Dr. Agnes Winter Member 111

Food Advisory Committee To assess the risks to humans of chemicals which are used in or on food and to advise Ministers on the exercise of powers in the Food Safety Act 1990 relating to the labelling, composition and chemical safety of food. The Committee will also advise Ministers on general matters relating to food safety. In exercising its functions the Food Advisory Committee will take the advice and work of the Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT), the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP), the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) and other relevant advisory committees into account.

£ per meeting
Mrs. Matti Alderson Member 138
Prof. Sir Colin Murray Campbell Chairperson 176
Mr. Neville Craddock Member 138
Mrs. Dorothy Craig Member 138
Dr. E. Maureen S. Edmonson Member 138
Prof. Catherine Geissler Member 138
Dr. Catherine Humphries Member 138
Dr. Christopher Llewelyn Member 138
Prof. Alan Malcolm Member 138
Mr. Roger Manley Deputy Chairperson 138
Dr. Charles McDonald Member 138
Mr. Thomas Miller Member 138
Prof. Christopher Ritson Member 138
Prof. Susan Shaw Member 138
Mr. Philip William Strachan Member 138
Prof. H. Frank Woods Member 138

Hill Fanning Advisory Committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland To advise on any hill farming matters referred to them by the Minister and the Secretary of State for Wales.

MAFF Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Morley Chairperson Nil
Mr. Edmund S. Bailey Member Expenses only
Mr. Richard Betton Member Expenses only
Mr. William John Cockbain Member Expenses only
Mr. Philip Henry Cornelius Member Expenses only
Mrs. Esther Baddeley Cummins Member Expenses only
Mrs. Joyce Gilman Member Expenses only
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hayton Member Expenses only
Mr. Patrick J. Kelly Member Expenses only
Mr. Cyril Stobart Lewis Member Expenses only
Mrs. Rosemary Ann Mudge Member Expenses only
Mr. Colin Passmore Member Expenses only
Mr. David Pearson Member Expenses only
Mr. T. D. Prince Member Expenses only
Mr. Hugh Robert Thomas Member Expenses only
Mr. John Vaughan Deputy Chairperson Expenses only

Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee To provide scientifically-based advice to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Department of Health and territorial departments on matters relating to spongiform encephalopathies, taking due account of the remit of other bodies with related responsibilities.

£ per day
Prof. Adriano Aguzzi Member 186
Prof. Jeffrey William Almond Member 186
Prof. Roy Anderson FRS Member 186

£ per day
Mr. Christopher Bostock Member 186
Mr. Raymond Bradley OBE Member 186
Prof. Fred Brown Member 186
Prof. John Collinge Member 186
Prof. Anne Ferguson Member 186
Dr. Peter N. Goodfellow FRS Member 186
Prof. William D. Hueston Member 186
Prof. Harriet Kimbell MBE Member 186
Dr. Richard Henry Kimberlin OBE Member 186
Dr. Michael John Painter Member 186
Prof. Sir John Ridley Pattison Chairperson 218
Mr. David Barton Pepper Member 186
Prof. Peter George Smith Member 186
Dr. William Albert Watson CB Member 186
Dr. Robert George Will Deputy Chairperson 186

Sugar Beet Research and Education Committee Under section 68 of the Food Act 1984, as amended by the Food Safety Act 1990. The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Secretary of State for Wales are required to prepare, each year after consultation with the sugar beet processors and growers, a programme for carrying out research and education in matters affecting the growing of home grown sugar beet. The Act also provides for the programme to be brought into effect by means of an order, and to be financed by a levy on the producers and growers.

£ per meeting
Dr. Michael J. Armstrong Member 155
Mr. Melvyn Frank Askew Member 155
Dr. David James Carmichael Member 155
Mr. Christopher Robert Arthur Carter Member 155
Mr. Hugh Roger Dyas Chairperson 181
Prof. John H. R. Hoyles Member 155
Prof. Roger Plumb Member 155

Veterinary Products Committee To give advice with respect to safety, quality and efficacy in relation to the veterinary use of any substance or article (not being an instrument, apparatus or appliance) to which any provision of the Medicines Act is applicable. To promote the collection of information relating to suspected adverse reactions for the purpose of enabling such advice to be given.

£ per day
Prof. Ian Douglas Aitken OBE Chairperson 210
Dr. David Nicholas Bateman Member 165
Dr. Arnold S. Cooke Member 165
Prof. Anthony Dayan Member 165
Prof. Rosalind Margaret Gaskell Member 165
Prof. George Gettinby Member 165
Mrs. S. Janet Graham Member 165
Prof. J. Harrington CBE Member 165
Prof. Charles Anthony Hart Member 165
Dr. R. J. Heitzman Member 165
Dr. Michael H. Jepson Member 165
Prof. Karl A. Linklater Member 165
Dr. W. J. McCaughey Member 165
Prof. Quentin McKellar Member 165
Prof. Andrea Mary Nolan Member 165
Dr. Mark Pattison Member 165
Mrs. Susan Pauline Payne Member 165
Dr. Christopher J. Powell Member 165
Prof. Randolph Harvey Richards Member 165

£ per day
Mr. David Skilton Member 165
Prof. Howard Norman Ernest Stevens Member 165
Mr. Richard Arthur Wickham Member 165
Dr. David Fergusson Wishart Member 165

Independent Scientific Group on Cattle Tuberculosis To advise Ministers on implementation of the Krebs Report on bovine TB in cattle and badgers by: overseeing the design and analysis of the randomised trial to test the effectiveness of badger culling as a means of controlling bovine TB; regularly monitoring the progress of, and outputs from, the experiment and assessing any important differences in results between treatments; monitoring the data on Bovine TB in areas and species outside the experiment; reporting to Ministers on progress; and advising, as requested, on related issues.

£per hour
Prof. John Bourne MRCVS, CBE Chairperson 25.70
Dr. Christi Donnelly Deputy Chairperson 21.25
Sir David Cox FBA, FRS Member 21.25
Prof. George Gettinby FRSE Member 21.25
Prof. Ivan Morrison FRSE Member 21.25
Institute for Animal Health Member 21.25
Dr. Rosie Woodroffe Member 21.25
Prof. John McInerney OBE, FRSA1 Member 21.25
1Co-opted member

The Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Review Group To review existing policies and legislation in England and Wales concerning the management and conservation of salmon, trout, eels and freshwater fish and make recommendations. The review and recommendations should take particular account of: the need to maintain, and where appropriate enhance, biodiversity; the need to maximise the economic, social and recreational benefits derived from salmon and freshwater fisheries, taking account both of the interests of local communities and local factors and traditions; the need for management of fisheries to be on a fully sustainable basis, taking account of the precautionary approach. The review should also consider other factors that may affect the development and sustainability of these fisheries. The review should examine the institutional arrangements for the regulation and management of these fisheries (including the role of the public sector, the need to involve all interested parties, and arrangements in tidal and coastal waters) and how best such arrangements can be funded.

Prof. Lynda Warren Chairperson Expenses only
Dr. Nick Giles Member Expenses only
Mr. John Golding Member Expenses only
Dr. Keith Hendry Member Expenses only
Mr. Derek Heselton MBE Member Expenses only
Mr. David Hodgkiss Member Expenses only
Mrs. Jean Howman Member Expenses only
Mrs Jane James Member Expenses only
Dr. Mike Ladle Member Expenses only
Mr. Frank Lythgoe Member Expenses only
Mr. David Moore Member Expenses only

Mr. Mervyn Mountjoy Member Expenses only
Mr. Pat O'Reilly Member Expenses only
Mr. Stanley Payne Member Expenses only
Dr. Anne Powell Member Expenses only
Mr. John Williams Member Expenses only