HC Deb 24 February 1999 vol 326 cc352-3W
Helen Jones

To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will(a) list the (i) number of working groups currently considering a national framework for mental health services and (ii) the names of those serving on each group and (b) state how many members of the (1) Black and (2) other ethnic minority communities are on each group. [72283]

Mr. Hutton

There were eight sub-groups contributing to the development of the National Service Framework for Mental Health. A list of the individuals is in the table. Individual members were not asked about their ethnic or cultural background, but they reflect a wide range of interests, experience and expertise, including those from a black and minority ethnic group perspective.Sub-group 1

  • Professor Graham Thornicroft
  • Ms June McKerrow
  • Dr. David Melzer
  • Dr. Jenny Bywaters
  • Ms Sue Gallagher
  • Mr. Gary Hogman
  • Mr. Hari Sewell
  • Mr. Eddie Kane
  • Professor Glynn Harrison
Sub-group 2
  • Dr. Huw Lloyd
  • Dr. Lynne Friedli
  • Professor David Kingdon
  • Mr. Tony Russell
  • Mr. Robert McLean
  • Mr. Phil Draper
  • Dr. Alan Cohen
  • Dr. Geraldine Strathdee
  • Dr. Andree Tylee
Sub-group 3
  • Ms Marion Beeforth
  • Ms Bernadette Collins
  • Ms Pat Guinan
  • Dr. Robert Dolan
  • Ms Geraldine White
  • Ms Pearl Baker
  • Dr. Eleanor Cole
  • Professor Glenys Parry
  • Professor Jan Scott
  • Dr. Janet Parrott
Sub-group 4
  • Mr. Cliff Prior
  • Dr. Sarah Davenport
  • Ms Madeleine Drake
  • Mr. Bill Kilgallon
  • Ms Cathy Ormston
  • Ms Ruth Dixon
  • Dr. Frank Holloway
  • Dr. Elizabeth Kuipers
  • Mr. Derry Murphy
Sub-group 5
  • Dr. Paul Lelliott
  • Ms Judi Clements
  • Ms Margaret Pedler
  • Mr. Tom Sandford
  • Ms Ethna Kilduff
  • Roberta Graley
  • Ms Karen Campbell
  • Professor Peter Huxley
  • Dr. Sonia Johnson
  • Professor Peter Tyrerl
  • Mrs. Susan Knight
Sub-group 6
  • Mr. Don Brand
  • Ms Cath Cunningham
  • Ms Jeni Bremner
  • Ms Jane MacKay
  • Professor Martin Knapp
  • Professor Geoff Shepherd
  • Professor Louis Appleby
  • Professor Tom Burns
Sub-group 7
  • Mr. Chris Heginbotham
  • Ms Julia Essex
  • Mr. Martin Barkley
  • Mr. David Joaniddes
  • Dr. Edward Peck
  • Mr. Charles Waddicor
  • Ms Veronica Dewan
  • Ms Fiona Wise
  • Dr. Simon Baugh
  • Dr. Julie Hollyman
Sub-group 8
  • Dr. Matt Muijen
  • Ms Jenny Bernard
  • Ms Judy Croton
  • Mr. David Burchell
  • Ms Kay Beaumont
  • Professor Kevin Gourney
  • Dr. Robert Kendell
  • Ms Mary Nettle
  • Ms Marjorie Wallace
  • Ms Premila Trivedi.

Helen Jones

To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many members of the group currently considering a review of the Mental Health Act are members of(a) Black and (b) other ethnic minority communities. [72284]

Mr. Hutton

The twelve members of the expert group undertaking the first phase of the review of the Mental Health Act 1983 were appointed on the basis of their expertise in key areas rather than because they represent particular organisations. However, one expert group member is African.

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