HC Deb 06 December 1999 vol 340 cc396-9W
Dr. Harris

To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department how many research contracts have been let by his Department since May 1997; what is the value of each contract; and in each case whether the contract included(a) a departmental veto over publication of the research results, (b) departmental control over the date of publication of the research results and (c) a requirement that the final research results incorporate departmental amendments. [100156]

Mr. Lock

The Lord Chancellor's Department has awarded 37 research contracts since May 1997 with a total overall spend of £1,003,776; details of these, including the cost of each contract are provided in the table. None

LCD research projects contracted since May 1997
Project Title Cost£ Date completed Researcher details
Regulating Legal Services 9,000 August 1997 Robert Baldwin—London School of Economics
The Use of Judicial Appointment Commissions: A Review of the US and Canadian Models 2,250 August 1997 Kate Malleson—London School of Economics
Judicial Appointments in Continental Europe 8,400 August 1997 Cheryl Thomas—Wolfson College, Oxford University
Review of the Court of Appeal 12,602 August 1997 Joyce Plotnikoff and Richard Woolfson—Consultants in Management, IT and the Law
Contracting for civil litigation: modelling volumes, access and regional distributions for certified non-matrimonial civil legal aid 1,800 September 1997 Tamara Goriely—TPR Social and Legal Research
The Division of Marital Assets Following Divorce With Particular Reference to Pensions 4,900 October 1997 Antony Dnes—University of Hertfordshire
Contracting For Legal Services With Different Cost Rules 6,200 March 1998 Gwyn Bevan—London School of Economics and Political Science Paul Fenn—University of Nottingham Neil Rickman—University of Surrey
Costing Fast Track Procedures Through Hypothetical Case Studies 96,000 March 1998 Tamara Goriely, Farah Butt and Avrom Sherr—Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Review Papers on Marriage—causes, and ways of preventing marital breakdown 79,150 March 1998 One plus One
Economic Impact of Law on Ancillary Relief 4,000 April 1998 Antony Dnes—University of Hertfordshire
Court Customer Needs 4,200 July 1998 Sarah Beinart (Independent consultant)
Empirical Analysis of Standard Fees in Magistrates' Courts 6,000 July 1998 Paul Fenn—University of Nottingham
Government Policies and Lawyers' Roles 11,075 September 1998 Phillip Lewis—Wolfson College, Oxford University
Ancillary Relief Pilot Scheme 206,703 September 1998 KPMG
Economic Impact of the Quality of Legal Machinery 2,500 October 1998 Alice Belcher—University of Dundee
Fast Track Simulation Pilot 31,386 December 1998 John Peysner—Nottingham Trent University
Criminal Justice Reform and the Organisation of Criminal Defence Services 15,200 June 1998 Lee Bridges—University of Warwick
Toward a Civil Justice Audit 32,168 June 1998 Joanna Shapland—University of Sheffield
Study of the services to litigants in person provided by the Citizens' Advice Bureau in the Royal Courts of Justice 10,693 June 1998 Joyce Plotnikoff and Richard Woolfson—Consultants in Management, IT and the Law
Impact of legal aid on litigants behaviour: an empirical analysis 43,800 January 1999 Paul Fenn—University of Nottingham Alastair Gray—Wolfson College, Oxford University
Neil Rickman—University of Surrey
Regional study of local authority and court processes in homelessness cases 30,989 March 1999 Trevor Buck—University of Leicester
Civil legal aid for children: a mapping exercise 24,654 March 1999 Judith Masson—University of Warwick
ADR in the Court of Appeal—Preliminary Work 5,000 March 1998 Hazel Genn—University College London
Applicability to other tribunals and court jurisdictions of principals/practice in the London Parking Appeals Service 25,246 April 1999 John Raine—University of Birmingham
Professionalising Lay Justice: Effective Clerking in Family Proceedings 39,507 July 1999 Joan Hunt—Wolfson College, Oxford University
County court baseline data 52,361 May 1999 Hazel Genn—University College London
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Commercial Cases 14,500 September 1999 Hazel Genn—University College London
New public management and the administration of justice in the magistrates' court 25,000 December 1999 Ben Fitzpatrick—Leeds University
Community Legal Service: Developing joined-up solutions 19,500 January 1999 Jane Steele
Legal Aid and the Human Rights Act 1998 26,507 May 1999 Richard Moorehead—Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Claire Brown—Independent consultant
Cross-jurisdictional issues in case management 12,500 1April 2000 Joyce Plotnikoff and Richard Woolfson—Consultants in Management, IT and the Law

of the projects was subject to a specific veto on publication of results or control over date of publication. A standard clause in research contracts is that the contractor shall always consider any representation from the Contract Manager for the revision of any publication, interim or final, of the results". The Department retains the right to insert a disclaimer in published reports.

LCD research projects contracted since May 1997
Project Title Cost £ Date completed Researcher details
Factors affecting the decision to apply for Silk/Judicial Office 9,652 1April 2000 Kate Malleson—London School of Economics Fareda Banda—School of Oriental and African Studies
Community Legal Service: Pioneer Community Legal Service Partnerships 33,779 1December 1999 Richard Moorehead—Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Finalising the civil justice audit 25,377 1April 2000 Joanne Shapland—University of Sheffield
Ancillary Relief Pilot Study 11,177 1December 1999 Gwynn Davis—University of Bristol
Study on Lay and Stipendiary Magistrates 60,000 2 Rod Morgan—University of Bristol and Taylor Nelson Sofres—Consultants
Total 1,003,776
1Anticipated completion date
2To be determined

In addition £18,853 was contributed (1998–99 financial year) to a study entitled "Baseline Customer Research" commissioned by the Legal Services Ombudsman. The study was run by Customer Management Consultancy Ltd. and the resulting data were published in a Summary of Findings and Recommendations by the Legal Services Ombudsman in March 1999.