HC Deb 24 March 1998 vol 309 cc125-6W
Mr. Derek Twigg

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list the final outturn for 1996–97 for(a) each running costs limit and (b) the Ministry of Defence's operating costs limit. [36302]

Mr. Darling

The final outturn for 1996–97 for each running costs limit and the Ministry of Defence's operating costs limit is shown in the table.

Outturn 1996–97
Gross running costs limits
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 507,744
Department for International Development 56,744
Intervention Board 57,410
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 317,861
Department of Trade and Industry (including ACAS) 383,837
Office of Fair Trading 17,855
Office of Telecommunications 9,069
Office of Gas Supply 10,490
Office of Electricity Regulation 13,675
Department of Transport 389,182
Office of Passenger Rail Franchising 7,048
Office of the Rail Regulator 7,321
Department of Environment 220,902
Health and Safety Executive 156,808
Office of Water Services 9,287
Home Office 1,787,053
Charity Commission 20,283
Lord Chancellor's Department 426,447
Northern Ireland Court Service 18,674
Public Record Office 22,225
Crown Prosecution Service 221,322
Serious Fraud Office 9,976
Treasury Solicitor's Department 25,812
Crown Office 43,357
Department for Education and Employment 1,279,193
Office for Standards in Education 28,649
Department For Culture, Media and Sport 29,005
Office of the National Lottery 1,880
Department of Health 274,804
Department of Social Security 3,161,873
Scottish Office 332,309
General Register Office for Scotland 6,617
Scottish Record Office 4,973
Scottish Courts Administration 40,854
Welsh Office 70,865
Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales 2,974
Outturn 1996–97
Northern Ireland Office 788,006
H. M. Treasury 52,179
Customs and Excise 733,948
Inland Revenue 1,683,828
Department of National Savings 177,909
Registry of Friendly Societies 7,639
National Investments and Loan Office 1,183
Office for National Statistics 98,607
Office of Public Service 81,846
Cabinet Office 40,673
Security and Intelligence Services 402,797
Privy Council Office 2,435
Net running costs limits
Wilton Park (FCO) 930
ADAS Agency (MAFF) 5,650
Central Science Laboratory (MAFF) 0
Veterinary Laboratory Agency (MAFF) 0
Veterinary Medicines Directorate (MAFF) 0
Central Services (DTI) 0
National Weights Measures Laboratory (DTI) 0
Radio Communications Agency (DTI) 0
Vehicle Certification Agency (DoT) 80
QE II Conference Centre (DoE) 4,687
Building Research Establishment (DoE) 3,850
Health and Safety Laboratory (DoE) -5,105
Ordnance Survey 9,476
Forensic Science Service (HO) -1
Historic Royal Palaces Agency (DCMS) 0
NHS Estates Agency (DoH) -490
Information Technology Services Agency (DSS) 0
Valuation Office Agency (Inland Revenue) -7,703
Paymaster Agency -1,247
Customer Funded Services (ONS) 1,043
Government Actuaries Department 414
Civil Service College (OPS) -163
Security Facilities Executive (OPS) 0
Recruitment and Assessment Services (OPS) 246
Occupational Health and Safety Agency (OPS) -583
Operating Costs
Ministry of Defence 16,665,747