HC Deb 20 March 1998 vol 308 cc750-3W
Mr. Trimble

To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if she will list the financial assistance provided in each of the last three years to groups interested in the welfare of(a) prisoners and (b) victims of crime. [33791]

Mr. Ingram

The information requested is as follows.

The Department of the Environment provides the following support to prisoners and victims of crime all of which are supported by the 26 EU district partnerships.

Project Grant amount £
(a) Prisoners
Armagh Ex-prisoners Association 1,875.00
Ex-prisoners Interpretative Centre 3,750.00
Prison Arts Foundation 3,084.00
South Belfast Prisoners Enterprise Project 2,250.00
Prisoners Aid Post Conflict Resettlement Group 2,250.00
Tar Anall Drop-in-Centre 3,750.00
Tar Anall Drop-in-Centre 1,500.00
North Belfast Prisoners Aid 3,750.00
Prison Arts Foundation 750.00
Teacht Na Failte, Prisoner Dependent Welfare 1,500.00
Prison Arts Foundation 3,750.00
NIACRO Omagh Workshop 19,332.00
NIACRO 19,382.00
NIACRO 19,932.00
Derry Taxi Association 18,000.00
Lisburn Enterprise Organisation Ltd 7,050.00
Prison Arts Foundation 60,000.00
LINC Resource Centre 13,750.00

Project Grant amount £
Prison Arts Foundation 2,600.00
Lisburn Prisoners' Support Project 35,000.00
North Down Development Organisation 11,220.00
Prison Arts Foundation 4,950.00
NIACRO 18,392.00
Prison Arts Foundation 2,100.00
North Belfast Prisoners Aid Post Conflict Resource Centre 54,000.00
Belfast Self Build 50,000.00
Prisoners' Enterprise Project 70,000.00
Prison Arts Foundation 2,025.00
Tar Abhaile 60,000.00
Prison Arts Foundation 3,850.00
Prison Arts Foundation 3,000.00
Fermanagh Prisoners' Dependent Association 11,100.00
Tar Isteach 5,000.00
North Belfast Prisoner Aid Post Conflict and Resettlement 30,000.00
Total 548,892.00
(b) Victims of Violence
Centre for Survivors of Trauma 3,750.00
Disabled Police Officers Association 2,250.00
Victim Support Northern Ireland 2,250.00
WAVE Towards Healing 3,750.00
Victim Support North Down 2,250.00
Lough Neagh South Victim Support 2,048.00
Foyle Women's Aid 60,000.00
Lisburn Victim Support 4,500.00
Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus Victims Support 15,000.00
WAVE Towards Healing 100,000.00
Erne, Strule and Colgher Valley Victim Support 12,400.00
Newry Women's Aid 60,000.00
Ballymena Victim Support 8,762.00
Stabane and District Victim Support 24,117.00
Newry/Amagh Victim Support 30,000.00
WAVE Towards Healing 30,000.00
Limavady Victim Support 4,000.00
Coleraine Women's Aid 22,000.00
Cookstown and Dungannon Women's Aid 17,515.50
Ballymena Women's Aid 25,141.00
Cookstown and Dungannon Women's Aid 15,000.00
Women's Aid 38,551.00
Fermanagh Women's Aid 27,500.00
North Down and Ards Women's Aid 43,439.00
Fermanagh Women's Aid 20,000.00

Group 1995/96 1996/97 1997/98
(a) Prisoners
Northern Ireland Association for the care and Resettlement of Offenders (NIACRO) 415,000.00 415,000.00 436,000.00
Extern Organisation 314,950.00 275,000.00 355,000.00
Probation Board for Northern Ireland 1810,000.00 0 0
Making Belfast Work (MBW) projects 252,500.00 515,080.00 543,100.00
EU Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation 35,000.00 539,424.00 578,260.00
Total 1,827,450.00 1,744,504.00 1,912,360.00
(b) Victims of Crime
Victim Support Northern Ireland (Grant) 270,000.00 398,000.00 480,000.00
MBW Projects I77,000.00 112,000.00 125,000.00
EU Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation 0 169,980.00 368,503.00
Women's Aid 0 36,575.00 48,570.00
Newry Elderly and Vulnerable 0 6,680.00 6,620.32
AMARC—Domestic Violence 0 491.26 0
Extern 2,970.00 0 0
Total 449,970 723,726 1,028,693.32
1 Budget transferred to the Northern Ireland Prison Service at the end of 1995/96.

Project Grant amount £
North Down and Ards Women's Aid 10,600.00
Cunamh 50,000.00
Total 634,823.50

Figures are not available for the whole of the last three years, as the partnership Board was only formed in February 1996. The figures stated are therefore from February 1996 to date.

The Northern Ireland Prison Service has provided financial assistance to each of the following groups who are interested in the welfare of prisoners:

Group 1995/96 1996/97 1997/98
(a) Prisoners
Probation Board (NI) 1 810,000.00 810,000.00
NIACRO 65,000.00 75,000.00
Save the Children 212,100.00
Total 65,000.00 894,100.00 885,000.00
1No figure is available for the year 1995/1996, as prior to year 1996/1997 payment was not the responsibility of NIPS.
2This was a one off payment made to Save the Children Fund in respect of staff redundancies at the Visitors Centre in HMP Belfast at the time of the prison's closure.

Under the Probation Board (Northern Ireland) Order 1982, the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (which receives grant-in-aid from the NIO) has a statutory duty to provide social welfare services in prisons. At the beginning of 1996/97 the budget for these services was transferred from PBNI to the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

The NIO core funds two voluntary organisations (NIACRO and Extern) who work towards the rehabilitation of offenders. In addition the NIO acts as a conduit for Making Belfast Work projects aimed at reducing the incidence and fear of crime. The NIO is also responsible for monitoring peace and reconciliation money paid through the Department's Intermediary funding body, the Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust. Figures for the past 3 years are as follows:

In addition money is spent on crime prevention, research and other services relevant to the victims of crime.

The Department of Health funds the following groups which support victims of crime.

Group 1995/96 1996/97 1997/98(to date)
NEXUS Institute 72,663.00 60,505.00 71,274.00
Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre 29,330.00 33,265.00 19,885.00
Childline 14,679.00 24,850.00 24,967.00
Northern Ireland Women's Aid Federation 87,636.00 105,684.00 128,776.00
Total 204,308.00 224,304.00 244,902.00