HC Deb 13 July 1998 vol 316 cc33-7W
Sir John Stanley

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list the projects approved for funding from the Human Rights Project Fund to date and the sums allocated in each case. [49485]

Mr. Tony Lloyd

More than 100 projects totalling over £3.5 million have been approved or approved in principle to date from the Human Rights Project Fund:

Projects approved/approved in principle under the Human Rights Project Fund
Post/department Project description Amount (£)
Accra Building capacity of NGOs lobbying about the rights of the poor 46,000
Accra Radio programmes to raise awareness of women's rights 40,000
Addis Ababa Assistance to Ethiopian human rights conference 46,060
Addis Ababa Human rights training for regional officials 24,300
Addis Ababa Support for Ethiopian Women's Lawyers Association 23,000
Addis Ababa Provision of legal books for Federal Supreme Court 10,000
Addis Ababa Funding for gender and development officer 5,000
African Department (Equatorial) Support to UN Commission on Arms Flows to Rwanda 50,000
Almaty Media and governance workshop 28,000
Almaty Publication of booklets on human rights 15,625
Ankara Young Lawyer Exchange Scheme 38,300
Ankara Citizen's Advice Bureau pilot project 27,400
Beijing Professional ethics seminar for lawyers 90,000
Beijing Publicity about British policing methods and judicial system 55,000
Beijing Training video for legal officials 35,000
Beijing Human rights education project 27,000
Beijing Support for conference on impact of human rights conventions on national laws 15,000
Beijing Training for government legal officials 15,000

Projects approved/approved in principle under the Human Rights Project Fund
Post/department Project description Amount (£)
Belgrade Assistance with TV documentaries on human rights 30,057
Bogota Support for rehabilitation of child prostitutes 45,700
Bogota Training of teachers about detection and prevention of child abuse 18,500
Brasilia Support to NGO working with street children 23,000
Brasilia Training for federal government human rights officials 20,000
Brasilia Support to centre for street children 8,500
Bridgetown Campaign to raise awareness about violence against women/children 11,000
Budapest Vocational training for Roma in prison 2,900
Cairo Support for women's legal aid project 15,600
Caracas Publication and distribution of report on human rights 12,100
Caracas Legal entitlement workshops for prisoners 9,200
Castries Training programme for prison officers 13,500
China Hong Kong Department Seminar on professional standards in the media 107,639
China Hong Kong Department Training course on the role of trade unions in a market economy 57,633
Damascus Human rights scholarships 30,000
Dar es Salaam Contribution to Arusha peace talks 50,000
Dar es Salaam Production and distribution of human rights booklets 5,000
Dominica Prisons and magistrates courts reform project 14,190
Durban Development of resource materials on women's rights 7,500
Durban Support for programmes for community conflict management and resolution 7,500
Gaborone Support for work on administration of justice on violence against women 7,100
Guatemala City Contribution to Truth Commission 62,000
Harare Provision of CCTV equipment to victim-friendly court 2,300
Human Rights Policy Department UNICEF/BBC World Service project on broadcasting to children in armed conflict 100,000

Projects approved/approved in principle under the Human Rights Project Fund
Post/department Project description Amount (£)
Human Rights Policy Department Attachment of gender mainstreaming officer to OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights 61,000
Human Rights Policy Department Support for UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women 25,000
Human Rights Policy Department NGO training seminar on Framework Convention on National Minorities 25,000
Human Rights Policy Department Support for NGO working group on rights of disabled children 15,000
Human Rights Policy Department Launch of manual on protecting the rights of street Children 5,000
Human Rights Policy Department Participation in Oxford International Human Rights Course 3,500
Jakarta Assistance to National Human Rights Commission and Legal Aid Foundation 25,000
Jakarta EU human rights seminar 22,500
Jerusalem Palestinian rights programme 348,000
Kampala Support for Ugandan Human Rights Commission 30,000
Khartoum Publication and distribution of human rights material 6,500
Kiev Training seminars and publications on human rights 60,770
Kiev Support for human rights NGOs 33,400
Kiev Children's rights awareness project 26,000
Kigali Assistance to Ministry of Justice in connection with International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda 61,610
Kingston Support for Jamaica Council for Human Rights 14,500
Kingstown Equipment for prison workshop 5,500
Kinshasa Support for Documentation Centre for Legal Studies at Ministry of Justice 53,000
Kuala Lumpur Participation in Oxford International Human Rights Course 4,000
Kuwait Human rights seminar 15,000
Latin America Department Participation by representative of Northern Ireland Office in Peace Conference in Bogota 2,000
Lima Contribution to Ad Hoc Pardon commission 78,000

Projects approved/approved in principle under the Human Rights Project Fund
Post/department Project description Amount (£)
Lima Support for radio programmes on human rights 70,000
Mexico City Project to promote awareness of women's rights 161,600
Mexico City Production of TV documentary on children's rights 10,000
Mexico City Human rights of HIV/AIDS sufferers: education and awareness project 10,000
Moscow Support for Regional Human Rights Commissioners and NGOs 25,000
Moscow Support for education initiative by Presidential Commission on Human Rights 25,000
Moscow Support for regional monitoring of human rights 25,000
Moscow Youth Human Rights Film Festival 25,000
Moscow Human rights of HIV/AIDS sufferers: education and awareness project 23,000
Moscow Development of links between human rights NGOs and the mass media 21,240
Moscow Project to promote public access to information 18,000
Nairobi Medical aid to prisoners and torture victims 50,000
Nairobi Advocacy campaign to promote children's rights 50,000
Nairobi Support to International Federation of Women Lawyers (Kenya Chapter) 20,000
Nairobi Civic education workshops to promote awareness of role of MPs 17,900
Nairobi Participation in human rights seminar in Belfast 5,000
New Delhi Project to raise awareness of human rights in prison management 85,000
New Delhi Provision of books and information resources to human rights NGOs 50,000
New Delhi Training and development of counselling skills for legal NGOs 38,000
New Delhi Human rights training for civil servants 27,500
Phnom Penh Programme of support for street children 51,160
Phnom Penh Training for provincial authorities by Cambodian Institute of Human Rights 24,540

Projects approved/approved in principle under the Human Rights Project Fund
Post/department Project description Amount (£)
Port Louis Media training 8,000
Port Moresby Establishment of NGO Liaison Office 40,000
Port of Spain Workshops to raise awareness of domestic violence 5,000
Prague Education of Roma children 10,000
Pretoria Participation in Oxford International Human Rights Course 10,000
Pretoria Strengthening links between African human rights NGOs 10,000
Pretoria Support for 2nd African Human Rights Conference 9,000
Pretoria Training for community newspaper reporters 9,000
Pretoria Media training 6,300
Pretoria All Africa Human Rights Moot Court Competition 5,000
Quito Promotion of women's participation in politics 41,513
Sana'a UK/Yemen criminal justice system initiative 70,000
Santiago Support for implementation of prison reform 40,000
Santiago Support for establishment of family and children's courts 35,000
South Asian Department Joint human rights projects with UK company 50,000
South East Asian Department UK/Philippines initiative on child welfare 150,000
Ulaanbataar Training for members of Mongolian prison service 11,000
Vila Assistance to Vanuatu Ombudsman 7,500

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