HC Deb 11 February 1998 vol 306 cc250-1W
Mr. Clifton-Brown

To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department if he will list each major new computer system that(a) his Department, (b) non-departmental bodies and (c) agencies under his responsibility have purchased in the last five years; what was the initial purchase cost and what was the final cost; what was each system's (i) planned and (ii) actual date of commissioning; what major computer systems will be purchased by bodies in categories (a), (b) and (c) in the next financial year; and what is their estimated cost. [27838]

Mr. Hoon

The major computer systems that have been purchased or developed by the Department, its agencies and non departmental public bodies in the last five financial years and projected purchases for 1998–99 are shown in the following tables.

For both the Lord Chancellor's Department Headquarters and the Court Service future IT services will be provided under existing or planned Private Finance Initiative Agreements and charged on a usage basis.

Organisation System purchased or initiated 1993–94 to 1997–98 Initial purchase/ implementation cost/estimate £ Actual cost £ Planned date of commissioning Actual date of commissioning
Lord Chancellor's Department Headquarters NEXUS Office Automation System 600,000 660,000 April 1996 April 1996
Court Service CCBC County Court Processing System 209,090 237,770 March 1994 April 1994
BACCHUS Case Management System 721,476 808,931 July 1994 July 1994
MIDAS Management Information and Accounting System 627,850 641,301 January 1995 January 1995
MANIFEST Accommodation Management System 339,803 554,064 April 1996 May 1996
SOAP Office Automation System 754,700 775,065 April 1996 April 1996
Public Trust Office REACS Receivership Accounting System 191,537 To budget November 1992 September 1993
AAS Accruals Accounting System 144,000 To budget April 1996 April 1996
Management Information System 116,429 To budget June 1994 June 1994
OASIS Office Automation System 314,000 implementation ongoing March 1997 ongoing to March 1998
Public Record Office Records Information System 1,300,000 1,233,720 March 1993 March 1994
Internal Communications Network 60,000 115,404 March 1997 February 1997
Northern Ireland Court Service Belfast and Newtownabbey Magistrates Court System 869,087 999,492 April 1995 March 1996
Court Funds Office System 178,482 219,437 April 1995 April 1995
Chancery Division System 126,098 131,444 November 1996 November 1996
Fee Collection System 146,078 149,330 September 1996 November 1996
Resource Accounting System 250,858 291,099 April 1997 (base system) April 1997 (Base system. Further development ongoing)
Central Office System 180,000 180,000 February 1996 February 1996
Fixed Penalty System 220,000 220,000 October 1997 October 1997
Personnel and Payroll System 120,000 implementation ongoing April 1998 (personnel) August 1998 (payroll) On schedule
PHOENIX Legal Aid Department 1,300,000 1,151,659 December 1998 On schedule for December 1998
Legal Aid Board Corporate Information System 10,200,000 14,700,000 1997 On a phased basis November 1997-December 1998

Organisation Systems planned for purchase 1998–99 Estimated cost
Public Record Office PROCAT Cataloguing System Currently commercial in confidence
HM Land Registry Accounts Receivable System £870,000
Computer Mapping Infrastructure Currently commercial in confidence

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