HC Deb 24 November 1997 vol 301 cc383-5W
Mr. Denis Murphy

To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sports what has been the sum given in

Table 2: Awards announced in the Wansbeck constituency
Distributing body Recipient Project title description Award date Award amount (£)
Heritage Lottery Fund Northumberland County Council West Wylam Bridge, Tyneside Riverside Country Park, West Wylam 3 April 1996 157,000
National Lottery Charities Board Northumberland Womens Aid To improve inadequate staffing levels and provide transport 23 October 1995 124,742
National Lottery Charities Board Chevington Community Initiative Encourage social cohesion by integrating disaffected youth into the community 23 October 1995 119,150
National Lottery Charities Board Trinity Youth Association Provides leisure, recreational and educational opportunities to targeted vulnerable groups of young people 11 June 1996 115,809
National Lottery Charities Board Northumberland Federation of YMCAs Promote and develop a range of youth and community initiatives for groups of young people living in rural areas 11 June 1996 106,090
Arts Council of England Ellington Colliery Band Purchase of new instruments and equipment. 16 July 1997 54,478
National Lottery Charities Board Spital Estate Community Association Ltd. A community training centre for the use of all community members on the estate 11 June 1996 47,915
National Lottery Charities Board General Access Northumberland Group (G A N G) To improve access for disabled people to the built environment 17 December 1996 39,564

grant aid since the commencement of the National Lottery (a) in total, (b) by region and (c) in the Wansbeck constituency. [16168]

Mr. Banks

To date the National Lottery distributing bodies have announced awards worth £4.49 billion to over 30,000 projects throughout the UK. Table 1 below provides a breakdown by country and English region. Wansbeck has received awards worth over £1 million covering 31 projects; these are detailed in Table 2.

Information on all Lottery awards is now available on the Department's website www.lottery.culture.eov.uk.

Table 1: Breakdown of awards announced by value
Total £ As percentage of total awards
London (Local)1 368,519,487 8.2
London (National)1 622,407,546 13.9
North West 376,894,368 8.4
North East 232,927,750 5.2
Yorkshire and Humberside 283,570,947 6.3
Eastern 224,875,804 5.0
East Midlands 183,698,156 4.1
West Midlands 314,142,340 7.0
South West 304,968,472 6.8
South East 330,806,176 7.4
Merseyside 91,801,641 2.0
England wide 9,938,161 0.2
Total 3,344,550,848 74.5
Scotland 446,629,736 9.9
Wales 214,094,982 4.8
Northern Ireland 132,105,934 2.9
Total 4,137,381,500
UK wide 329,499,704 7.3
Overseas 24,600,000 0.5
Grand total 4,491,481,204 100.0
1 Awards to bodies based in London include many to institutions that are of national importance and are of benefit to the country as a whole. These are therefore separated from local awards in London.

Table 2: Awards announced in the Wansbeck constituency
Distributing body Recipient Project title description Award date Award amount (£)
Arts Council of England Wansbeck's Ashington Colliery Band To purchase instruments 11 December 1996 38,026
Arts Council of England Pegswood Brass Band To purchase instruments. 21 January 1997 34,195
National Lottery Charities Board Womens Health Advice Centre To increase hours worked by womens health advice centre co-ordinator 23 October 1995 25,013
National Lottery Charities Board Northumberland Federation of YMCAs To enable vital work to continue within a deprived community 23 October 1995 25,000
National Lottery Charities Board Contact Morpeth Mental Health Group To purchase a caravan to use a permanent respite holiday facility for people with mental health problems and their carers 17 December 1996 22,620
English sports Council Northumberland CC To upgrade the sports hall at Hirst High School, Ashington and to provide a district centre of excellence for cricket 6 June 1995 13,400
English Sports Council Cambois Amateur Rowing Club Purchase of rowing equipment 11 September 1997 13,194
National Lottery Charities Board Abuse Counselling and Training Provides office and travel costs for the expansion of a counselling service for abused young people 11 June 1996 10,000
Heritage Lottery Fund Castle Morpeth Borough Council Morpeth, Carlisle Park, feasibility study 12 December 1996 9,000
National Lottery Charities Board Access to the Working Countryside Providing access to the working countryside of North East England 23 October 1995 7,250
National Lottery Charities Board Welfare Crescent Residents Association To improve living conditions/community facilities for local tenants 23 October 1995 6,000
Arts Council of England Num Northumberland Area Miners picnic-Northumberland Coalfield visual art project 19 March 1997 5,000
Arts Council of England Bothal Church Development Group Bothal church arts project 11 June 1997 5,000
Arts Council of England Wansbeck Youth Concert Band In tune with youth 11 June 1997 5,000
National Lottery Charities Board B. Ware (Blyth Women are …) To support women who are lone parents, on low income and victims of abuse 1 July 1997 4,992
National Lottery Charities Board Cambois Camera Club To establish a club in a premises also used as a day centre for older people from Blyth as part of Age Concern 13 May 1997 4,879
National Lottery Charities Board Castle Morpeth Mediation To provide a dispute resolution service led by victim support 1 July 1997 4,800
Arts Council of England Quadro Ariano Quadro Adriano: ome and away 11 June 1997 4,790
Arts Council of England Trinity Youth Association Schools out (summer programme) 11 June 1997 4,680
National Lottery Charities Board Bedlingtonshire Community High School P.T.A. To provide equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme 1 July 1997 3,629
National Lottery Charities Board Northumberland Hospital Radio To provide a training resource for volunteers 13 May 1997 2,763
Arts Council of England The Mid-Northumberland Chorus Chorus development project 11 June 1997 2,000
Arts Council of England Blyth Town band Blyth Town band residential training weekend 11 June 1997 31 awards 1,264
Total 31 awards 1,017,243

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