HC Deb 19 November 1997 vol 301 cc192-4W
Mr. Denis Murphy

To ask the President of the Board of Trade how many jobs have been created via inward investment in each of the last five years; and if she will give a breakdown of the number of jobs created in each county or equivalent area.[16166]

Mr. Ian McCartney

This information is available only on a regional basis. According to figures notified to my Department's Invest in Britain Bureau, the number of new jobs associated with inward investment in each of the last five years by each region as follows:

Inward investment into the United Kingdom
Year/Region Total number of new jobs
East 363
East Midlands 183
North-east 2,312
Northern Ireland 2,742
North-west 1,012
Scotland 4,497
South-east 1,212
South-west 285
Wales 2,382
West Midlands 1,568
Yorkshire and Humberside 1,286
Total for the year 17,842
East 482
East Midlands 3,218
North-east 2,256
Northern Ireland 3,030
North-west 2,427
Scotland 7,635
South-east 916
South-west 1,065
Wales 3,913
West Midlands 3,370
Yorkshire and Humberside 2,329
Total for the year 30,641
East 842
East Midlands 3,028
London 27
North-east 5,780
Northern Ireland 3,251
North-west 1,986
Scotland 7,678
South-east 3,273
South-west 1,386
Wales 3,151
West Midlands 4,797
Yorkshire and Humberside 3,152
Total for the year 38,351
Region not identified 0
East 372
East Midlands 1,437
London1 2,588
North-East 6,075
Northern Ireland 3,741
North-West 3,592
Scotland 9,092
South-East 5,385
South-West 1,468
United Kingdom 0
West of England2 250
Wales 4,429
West Midlands 7,034
Yorkshire and Humberside 2,004
Total for the year 47,467

Inward investment into the United Kingdom
Year/Region Total number of new jobs
East 925
East Midlands 1,306
London1 2,631
North East 3,089
Northern Ireland 4,135
NorthWest 1,402
Scotland 9,928
South East 3,905
South West 682
West of England2 1,622
Wales 10,397
West Midlands 4,387
Yorkshire and Humberside 1,830
Total for the year 46,239
Total for the last 5 years 180,540
1 Prior to 1994–95 the figures for London were included in those for the South-East.
2 Prior to 1995–96 the figures for the West of England were included in those for the South-West.

The IBB only records inward investment decisions by regions of the UK and these figures are based on information provided by the companies at the time of the announcement of the decision to invest in the UK. They are based on the companies best estimate of jobs created by the investment in its first three years. The figures take no account of subsequent developments.

There is no requirement to notify the Department and so the figures include only those projects where the Department's Invest In Britain Bureau and its regional partners were involved or which have come to their notice.