HC Deb 09 June 1997 vol 295 cc328-30W
Mr. Maclean

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list the differences between the draft Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 compensation scheme laid before the House on 3 June and the scheme laid on 22 May. [2491]

Mr. Michael

With two minor exceptions in the main body of the draft scheme, the changes correct factual errors in the items and values listed in the annexes. Changes have been made as a result of comments received from the industry. A few listings were wrongly included and do not relate to items covered by the 1997 Act. In other cases more general generic descriptions have been given, replacing specific brand names. These changes improve the draft scheme, incorporating some information received after the initial version of the scheme was laid.

Referring to the numbering of the latest version of the draft Scheme the alternations are as follows:

Main text Paragraph 1 The sentence now ends more specifically with the words..…the date on which section 1 comes into force. Paragraph 17 The FCS is defined as the "Home Office Firearms Compensation Section." Previously there was no specific definition.

Annex A Page x New sub-heading "Miscellaneous. Value of item 1149 (Lar Griffly) is reduced from £710 to £695. Page xi New sub-heading "Pardini. Page xii New sub-heading "Safari Enforcer.

Annex C Page i Preamble originally at top of page moved to footnotes on page ii and expanded for additional clarity. Value of item 3005 (Primers) reduced from £10 to £1. This was an error in the original version where the value per 1000 was given as the value per 100. Page ii Value of item 3009 increased from £40 to £100. Value of item 3017 reduced from £10 to £5. Value of item 3018 increased from £25 to £30. Wording allowing any other item not specifically listed now deleted.

Annex D Page iii Value of items 4042 (Safariland 009 Ultimato Option 1911 Holster) reduced from £125 to £110. Page v Former item 4078 (Ruger Mini 14 Series Weaver Mount—181, 182, 183, 48602) deleted. These are rifle mounts. Page vi Former items 4098–4101 (B-Square Pistol Mounts) deleted. These are also rifle mounts. Page xi Sub-heading amended to "Weaver Qwik Point Red Dot Sights. Page xii Former items 4205–4217, which mistakenly related to rifles, deleted. Page xiv Former items 4269–4277, which mistakenly related to rifles, deleted. Page xv Former items 4288–4315, which mistakenly related to rifles, deleted. Page xvii New sub-heading "Generic Magazines. Page xx Former items 4440–4441 (Ruger Magazines), which both mistakenly related to rifles, deleted. Page xxi Former items 4499–4512 (Walther Magazines) renumbered as items 4405–4418. New sub-heading "CZ Magazines." Page xxiv Item 4544 (Clays Belt), which mistakenly related to shotguns, deleted. Page xxvii New sub-heading "Davis Handgrip" and former item 4589 (Hogue Wood Pistol Grips Davis S and W K/L Large Grip renumbered and renamed 4530 Davis Handgrip: S&W K/L Large Grip. No change in value. Former items 4590, 4593, 4594 (Pachmayr Grips) deleted. These were repeating other entries which would have caused confusion. Page xxx Former items 4646–4678 (Pistol Bullet Moulds) are deleted and replaced by a single generic description under item 4583. Former items 4679–4719 (Hodgdon and Miscellaneous Pistol Dies) are deleted and replaced by four generic descriptions under items 4584–4587. Former item 4720 (Lee Precision Pistol Press) deleted and replaced by item 4588 (Dillon Square Deal Pistol Press). No change in value. Former items 4722, 4724, 4725 (ammunition) deleted. These were repeating other items of ammunition of the same type and value and were removed to avoid confusion. Value of item 4589 (9mm Luger/Para 115 FMJ ammunition) reduced from £1.50 to £1.40 and item 4590 (Para 125 FMJ ammunition) reduced from £3.20 to £1.60. Name of item 4592 changed from ".32 S&W Long" to ".32 S&W. Page xxxi Minor amendments made to names of items 4604 (letters "FMJ" deleted) 4605 ("SWC" deleted) and 4606 ("FMJ" deleted). No changes in values. Pages xxxiv and xxxv Values of items 4809–4819 (primers) reduced by an average factor of ten. The original values were wrongly shown as per 1000. Pages xxxvi and xxxvii New sub-heading "Fire Dragon Gun Parts" and "Wilson Custom Parts" and some consequent rearrangement of the listing on these two pages. Former item 4871 (Tanfoglio P9, 6" Barrel) deleted. Value of item 4865 (Wilson Custom Parts: Para-Ordnance P12 Barrel) (formerly item 4866) increased from £160 to £165 and 4866 (Wilson Custom Parts: Para-Ordnance P13 Barrel) (formerly item 4867) increased from £160 to £165. Items 4867–4869 (Wilson Custom Parts) are new entries. Page xxxix-xii New items 4892–4916 (Thompson Barrels-Blue).