HC Deb 10 July 1997 vol 297 cc555-7W
Helen Jones

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment how many people in the Warrington, North constituency are currently taking part in Government training schemes broken down to show the numbers of(a) women, (b) men and (c) those under 25 years of age. [6660]

Dr. Howells

Information on government-supported training programmes is not available for people living in individual constituencies. North and Mid Cheshire TEC is the nearest geographical breakdown to the Warrington. North parliamentary constituency. The TEC area covers North Warrington, Halton and Vale and mid-Cheshire local authority districts. The available figures are given in the following table.

The DfEE is now making further improvements in training opportunities and developing Youth Credits under Target 2000 with the aim of eventually replacing Youth Training.

Numbers our government-supported training programmes at the end of April 1997
Total on programme Female Male Under 25
Youth Training 2,000 49 51 100
Modern Apprenticeships 900 43 57 100
Training for Work 400 27 73 29

Mr. Rooney

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment how many unemployed persons were referred to (i) jobplan workshops, (ii) restart courses, (iii) workwise and worklink, (iv) 1–2–1 and (v) project work in 1996–97; of these, how many(a) attended and (b) completed these courses; and what were the outcomes. [7765]

Mr. Alan Howarth

Responsibility for the subject of the question has been delegated to the Employment Service agency under its Chief Executive. I have asked him to arrange for a reply to be given.

Letter from Leigh Lewis to Mr. Terry Rooney, dated 10 July 1997: As the Employment Service is an Executive Agency, the Secretary of State has asked me to reply to your question about Jobplan, Restart Courses, Workwise and Worklink, 1–2–1 and Project Work. This is something which falls within the responsibilities delegated to me as Chief Executive of the Agency. The information you have requested on Jobplan, Restart Courses and Workwise (known as Worklink in Scotland) is given in Table 1. Information about 1–2–1 and Project Work is given in Tables 2 and 3 respectively. However, we do not hold the information in the format in which you have requested it. It may help if I explain that during 1–2–1, jobseekers are offered concentrated help with an Employment Service adviser during a series of up to six caseload interviews. Figures for referrals to 1–2–1 are therefore shown as 'Cases Opened'. Information on the number of caseload interviews each jobseeker attends or completes is not collected. Whilst they can attend up to six, this is dependent on whether they achieve a positive outcome before the final interview. For Project Work, the reason that the information is not available in the form you have requested is that this pilot consists of two parts. The first part, which begins with a Restart interview with an adviser, is a period of intensive help during which participants are offered the full range of programmes available to long term unemployed people as well as a series of caseload interviews with an adviser. If the person is still unemployed at the end of the period of intensive help, they are required to attend a work experience programme with a provider. Separate information for the same cohort on the number of people referred to a Project Work provider is not available. The outcomes reported therefore relate to both parts of the pilot. I hope this is helpful.

Table 1: Jobplan, restart courses and workwise worklink—1996–97
Jobplan Restart courses Workwise/ worklink
Referrals 300,329 139,733 67,058
Starts 144,315 76,911 25,806
Completers 133,026 66,238 18,609
Total outcomes 57,882 25,552 12,735
of which: jobs 9,115 3,706 3,485
ES/TEC/LEC programmes 36,794 17,067 7,062
other training or employment related opportunities1 11,973 4,779 2,188

Table 2: 1–2–1 1996–97
The number of cases opened 218,241
Job placings 14,796

Table 2: 1–2–1 1996–97
TEC/LEC/ES programme starts1 32,846
Other sign offs2 54,980
Total positive outcomes 102,622
1 Business Start Up: Training for Work; Jobclub; JIG; Work Trial.
2 Other sign offs as a result of adviser action: Family Credit starts.

Table 3: Project work—1996–97
Project work
Entering the Pilot 7,141
Referrals to Project Work provider n/a
Starts with Project Work Provider 3,125
Completers Project Work placement 1,025
Total outcomes of which:
Jobs 861
ES/TEC/LEC programmes 542
Other 1,767