HC Deb 19 November 1996 vol 285 cc502-3W
Mr. Key

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list by rank and by specialism, the number of posts in the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force, where employment attracts financial incentives to continue in service beyond the contracted dates, including the value of such bounty; and if he will make a statement. [3523]

Mr. Soames

A number of bonuses have been recently introduced to aid retention of personnel in key areas. These bonuses are paid in return either for waiving the right to give notice for a further period, staying until a pensionable point or completing a commission, or for re-engagement, thereby saving recruitment and training costs. Details of values of these bonuses and numbers are given in the tables, although some will vary from year to year where the bonus is on-going, depending on numbers eligible:

Royal Navy marine engineering mechanics (MEMs) One-off bonus of either £1,500 or £3,000 to waive the right to give notice to leave the Royal Navy for six or 18 months respectively, to general service and submarine MEMs who have between three and nine years service on 15 September 1996. Total targeted: 1,276 Predicted take-up: 893 Royal Navy Sea Harrier Pilots (Lieutenant/Lt. Commander) (£10,000 to Sea Harrier pilots who complete a medium career commission, or serve to qualify for a pension on an extended medium career commission or full career commission). Total targeted 1996–97: 4 Predicted take-up 1996–97: 3 Predicted take-up per annum thereafter: 4 Army re-engagement bounty (Private) £1,400 to soldiers in Household Cavalry, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Artillery and Infantry who waive their right to give notice for 12 months. Total targeted: 2,960 Total accepted, as at 30 June 1996: 2,693 Royal marine re-engagement bounty (all ranks below substantive Corporal) One-off bounty of £2,000 to Marines in seven shortage categories who had already given notice or were in a position to do so, to waive their right to give notice to leave the Royal Marines for six months. Total targeted: 1,123 Total accepted: 820 In addition, there is a tri-service committal bonus of £2,000 payable to all ratings/other ranks/airmen/airwomen on completion of 4½ and 7½ years' in the Army, provided that the individual has not given notice to leave at these points.