HC Deb 07 May 1996 vol 277 cc91-2W
Mr. Steen

To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will list the directives which have affected his Department in each of the past three years and(a) the United Kingdom legislation introduced as a result of the directive, (b) the United Kingdom legislation which goes beyond the minimum standards set out in the directive and (c) the clauses within each piece of United Kingdom legislation which amplify the minimum standards set out in the directive. [27081]

Mr. Boswell

[holding answer 29 April 1996]: The directives made in the years 1993 to 1995 and involving the Ministry's policy responsibilities are as follows:


93/1/EEC, 93/5/EEC, 93/8/EEC, 93/9/EEC, 93/10, EEC, 93/17/EEC, 93/19/EEC, 93/23/EEC, 93/24/EEC, 93/25/EEC, 93/26/EEC, 93/27/EEC, 93/28/EEC, 93/35/EEC, 93/40/EEC, 93/43/EEC, 93/45, EEC, 93/48/EEC, 93/49/EEC, 93/50/EEC, 93/51/EEC, 93/52/EEC, 93/53/EEC, 93/54/EEC, 93/55/EEC, 93/56/EEC, 93/57/EEC, 93/58/EEC, 93/60/EEC, 93/61/EEC, 93/62/EEC, 93/64/EEC, 93/66/EEC, 93/69/EEC, 93/70/EEC, 93/71/EEC, 93/74/EEC, 93/77/EEC, 93/78/EEC, 93/79/EEC, 93/85/EEC, 93/99/EEC, 93/102/EEC, 93/106/EEC, 93/107/EEC, 93/110/EEC, 93/111/EEC, 93/113, EEC, 93/114, EEC, 93/117/EEC, 93/118/EEC, 93/119/EEC, 93/120/EEC, 93/121/EEC.


94/13/EC, 94/I4/EC, 94/15/EC, 94/16/EC, 94/17/EC, 94/28/EC, 94/29/EC, 94/30/EC, 94/34/EC, 94/35/EC, 94/36/EC, 94/37/EC, 94/39/EC, 94/40/EC, 94/41/EC, 94/42/EC, 94/43/EC, 94/50/EC, 94/51/EC, 94/52/EC, 94/54/EC, 94/59/EC, 94/64/EC, 94/65/EC, 94/70/EC, 94/77/EC.


95/2/EC, 95/4/EC, 95/5/EC, 95/6/EC, 95/8/EC, 95/9/EC, 95/10/EC, 95/11/EC, 95/29/EC, 95/31/EC, 95/33/EC, 95/35/EC, 95/36/EC, 95/37/EC, 95/38/EC, 95/39/EC, 95/40/EC, 95/4 I/EC, 95/42/EC, 95/44/EC, 95/45/EC, 95/52/EC, 95/53/EC, 95/61/EC, 95/65/EC, 95/66/EC, 95/68/EC, 95/69/EC, 95/70/EC, 95/71/EC, 95/212/EC, 95/498/EC.

The cost of providing the other information sought would be disproportionate.