HC Deb 23 July 1996 vol 282 cc277-9W
16. Mr. Bayley

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security how many people were in receipt of family credit in the year of its introduction; and how many currently receive it. [36971]

Mr. Roger Evans

Currently, 643,000 families receive family credit compared with 282,000 families in 1988.


Family Credit Quarterly Statistical Enquiry October 1995.

Mr. Alan Howarth

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what is the current expenditure on family credit(a) in total and (b) on the child care allowance; and if he will express (c) as a percentage of the total. [34228]

Mr. Roger Evans

Estimated out-turn on family credit in 1995–96 was £1,682 million. Figures for expenditure on childcare disregard in 1995–96 are not yet available. However, we provisionally estimate that the cost of the disregard from its introduction in October 1994 to the end of February 1996 was £17.8 million.


1996 Departmental Report.

Family Credit 5 per cent. sample of awards.

Mr. Howarth

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security how many claimants of family credit are(a) self-employed and (b) employed; what is the estimated expenditure in each case; how many of those employed are at an hourly rate of (i) less than £2.50, (ii) £2.51 to £3.00, (iii) £3.01 to £3.50, (iv) £3.51 to £4.00, (v) £4.01 to £4.50 and (vi) £4.51 and above; and what is the average benefit payable in each case. [39109]

Mr. Evans

The information is set out in the tables.

Family credit caseload and expenditure by employment type
Occupation Number of cases Annual expenditure (£ million)
Self-employed 96,000 297
Employed 547,000 1,385
Employed family credit recipients by hourly earnings and average benefit payable
Hourly earnings Number of cases Average weekly family credit (£)
£2.50 and under 67,000 73.64
£2.51–£3.00 66,000 65.67
£3.01–£3.50 101,000 60.34
£3.51–£4.00 87,000 52.43
£4.01–£4.50 73,000 44.99
£4.51 and above 154,000 35.43


1. 1996 Departmental Report and Family Credit 5 per cent. sample of awards (October 1995)—all numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand.

2. 1996 Departmental Report 5 per cent. sample of Family Credit cases.

Mrs. Maddock

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what was the total amount paid out in family credit to people in(a) the south-west region, (b) the county of Dorset and (c) each district in Dorset in each of the last five financial years. [38166]

Mr. Roger Evans

The information is not available in the format requested. Such information as is available is set out in the table:

Figures for the amount of family credit in Wales and south western region
£ million
1991–92 87
1992–93 133
1993–94 163
1994–95 198
1995–96 233

The figures for 1995–96 have been derived by apportioning the estimate of total family credit expenditure published in the departmental report, and must, therefore, be treated with caution. All other figures relate to March each year.