HC Deb 22 July 1996 vol 282 cc65-7W
Mr. Frank Field

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security if he will list those benefits which have

Benefit Current rate (£) November 1979 rate at April 1996 prices Difference between the two rates Number in receipt in 1979 Latest available numbers in receipt Date of latest available numbers
Child Special Allowance1 311.15 17.98 6.83 825 55 1 January 1996
Child Dependency increases—
Pension, Widows Benefit, 63,520 (RP and WB only)30
Unemployment Benefit2 311.15 17.98 6.83 192,870 September (RP and WB only)
Allowances1 311.15 17.98 6.83 3,669 2,147 1 January 1996
One Parent 31 December
Benefit1 36.30 6.33 0.33 381,000 941,000 1994
Pension Age 30 September
Addition 0.25 0.63 0.38 1,467,000 9,159,000 RP/WB 729,000 2,294,000 9,995,000 RP/WB 2,015,000 1995
Christmas Bonus 10.00 25.33 15.33 IVB/SDA IVB/SDA Note 4
Maternity Adult
Increase5 28.55 29 0.45 1,000
War Pensions:
Increase for 1st child 339.9 17.98 808 n/a n/a n/a
Unemployment Allowance
increase for other children 311.15 17.98 6.83 n/a n/a n/a
WWP increase for 1st child 314.10 25.33 11.23 n/a n/a n/a
WWP increase for subsequent child 315.35 25.33 9.98 n/a n/a n/a
Orphans Pensions increase for 1st child 315.85 26.85 11 6n/a 6n/a 6n/a
Orphans Pensions increase for subsequent child 17.103 26.85 9.75 6n/a 6n/a 6n/a
1 The figures are for the number of families who receive the benefit.
2Current figures for Unemployment Benefit Child Dependency Increases (UB CDI) recipients are not available. The 1979 figures are produced from an average of May 1979 and November 1979 based on a 5 per cent, sample of unemployed claimants. UB CDls were abolished for claimants under pensionable age in November 1984. Consequently, the numbers receiving a CDI are very small and cannot be identified separately.
3The formula used for calculating these allowances takes account of the Retail Prices Index and any increase in Child Benefit. Child Benefit, however, is paid in addition to the allowances.
4Source for Retirement Pension/Widows Benefit recipients of the Christmas Bonus is the biannual enquiry using a 10 per cent, sample in November 1979 and a 5 per cent, sample in September 1995. Figures for Invalidity Benefit and Severe Disablement Allowance recipients are based on a 1 per cent, sample in June 1979 and April 1995. They do not take into account entitlement conditions i.e. the residence test, the effect of overlapping benefits, or the number of adult dependants as they are purely numbers of beneficiaries at the given dates.
5The rate of the Maternity Allowance Adult Dependency Increase was abated by 5 per cent, at November 1980 reflecting the intention to make Maternity Allowance taxable. The 1979 figure includes the 12 months to 31 March 1980 rounded to the nearest thousand. No reliable data exists for the latest period.
6Individual figures are not available. However, the combined total of orphans pensions in payment to both first children and subsequent children was 400 in 1979 and 528 on 31 March 1996.
n/a = Figures are not available.

fallen in real terms since 1979; and if he will list (a)the size of each shortfall and (b)the number of people currently claiming each benefit now and in 1979. [35647]

Mr. Roger Evans

[holding answer 4 July 1996]: The information is set out in the table: