HC Deb 29 February 1996 vol 272 cc678-80W
Ms Eagle

To ask the Secretary of State for National Heritage what have been the(a) administration and (b) wages costs for each national lottery funding distribution body in each month since its establishment. [15063]

Mr. Sproat

The tables show the lottery administration costs and wages met for 13 months from 1 January 1995. The majority of distributors were given approval to draw funds from the national lottery distribution fund from this date.

£ thousand
Wages costs National Heritage Memorial Fund National Lottery Charities Board Millennium Commission Arts Council of England Scottish Arts Council Arts Council of Wales Arts Council of Northern Ireland1 Sports Council Scottish Sports Council Sports Council for Wales1 Sports Council for Northern Ireland1
January 1996 29.3 392.7 126.0 5 15.1 12.1 5.3 5 13.9 13.3
Total 313.5 2,532.5 997.0 543.7 135.1 149.4 41.6 881.8 231.2 169.9 142.7
1. The NHMF, the art councils and the sports councils were established to perform other activities prior to the national lottery. The figures shown for administration and wages, represent the charge to lottery funds of all full-time lottery staff, plus a proportion of the costs of other staff in the organisations, who spend only part of their time working on lottery activities.
2. Distributors began developing systems to carry out lottery duties in the autumn of 1994. Costs associated with this development were met from other sources (grant-in-aid) and recharged against lottery funds in the first few months of 1995.
1 Administration costs and wages of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Sports Council for Wales and the Sports Council for Northern Ireland are initially met by the main council and recharged to the lottery at a later date. This does not always take place on a monthly basis.
2 The Sports Council's salary costs for January 1995 include the costs of the council's planning team for the period to 31 December 1994, which were later recharged by the council to the lottery unit.
3 Administration and wages costs of the Scottish Sports Council lottery unit for January, February and March 1995 were incurred by the main council on behalf of the lottery unit and recharged to the lottery in total, in March.
4 Administration costs of the Arts Council of England's lottery unit are shown in total for January, February and March 1995.
5 Figures not available.

Ms Eagle

To ask the Secretary of State for National Heritage if she will publish a list of those agencies charged with distributing national lottery funding detailing the size of budget, the number of staff and the remuneration of each agency head for the year(a) before and (b) after their duties in respect of the lottery were allocated. [15096]

Distributor Estimated outturn of lottery administration costs—1995–96 £000 Number of lottery staff Chief executive remuneration 1994–954 £ Chief executive remuneration 1995–964 £
National Heritage Memorial Fund 3,546 527 45,000–49,999 170,000–74,999
National Lottery Charities Board 11,145 7148 n/a 880,000–84,999
Millennium Commission 5,000 43 240,000–44,999 880,000–84,999
Arts Council of England 3,192 23 55,000–59,999 60,000–64,999
Scottish Arts Council 376 8 40,000–44,999 640,000–44,999
Arts Council of Wales 480 9 50,000–54,999 50,000–54,999
Arts Council of Northern Ireland 137 4 40,000–44,999 40,000–44,999
Sports Council 3,140 33 60,000–64,999 60,000–64,999
Scottish Sports Council 253 6 55,000–59,999 55,000–59,999
Sports Council for Wales 354 4 50,000–54,999 50,000–54,999
Sports Council for Northern Ireland 300 6 35,000–39,999 40,000–44,999
Total 27,923 311
1The NHMF appointed a new director in December 1995.
2 The post of chief executive of the Millennium Commission was filled on a temporary basis until 1 March 1995.
3 The figures for staff exclude any allowance for those officers of the NHMF, the arts councils and the sports councils who, though not assigned lottery staff, do spent a proportion of their time on lottery distribution activities.
4 With the exception of the National Lottery Charities Board and the Millennium Commission, salaries of chief executives are not fully charged against lottery funds.
5 The NHMF now has a staffing complement of 44 for its lottery distribution activities, the additional posts are expected to be filled in the near future.
6 The salary of the chief executive of the Scottish Arts Council is currently under review.
7 The staff complement of the NLCB has been agreed at 148. Some 30 temporary staff are also currently employed.
8 The chief executives of the NLCB and the Millennium Commission are also paid an allowance of 15 per cent. of their salaries, with which to make their own pension provisions.

Mrs. Clwyd

To ask the Secretary of State for National Heritage what representations she has received concerning the establishment of free-standing lottery distribution bodies for Wales and Scotland; and if she will make a statement. [16411]

Mr. Sproat

I have received no such representations.

Mr. Sproat

The table shows expected administration costs to be incurred by each of the 11 lottery distributors for the 12 months ending 31 March 1996, the number of staff required by those bodies for lottery duties and the salaries of the most senior officials of each body for 1994–95 and 1995–96.

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