HC Deb 22 April 1996 vol 276 cc53-6W
Dr. Wright

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster how many people from each region appear on both the public appointments unit central and reserve lists. [25964]

Mr. Willetts

It is not possible to give fully accurate information as individuals may be counted as being in more one region if they live in one area and work in another, or if they have homes in different areas.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also maintain their own central lists.

The available information requested is as follows

Region Number of people on the public appointments unit list
East Anglia 708
East Midlands 258
West Midlands 315
South East 2,622
Northern 174
North West 282
South West 401
Yorkshire and Humberside 286
Northern Ireland 19
Scotland 1130
Wales 1106
Elsewhere 236
Total 5,327
1Individuals in this category are those who are currently living or working overseas.
2This figure is higher than the total number of people currently on the public appointments unit's list (5, 085 at 18 April 1996).

Dr. Wright

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster how many of the public appointments made in 1994–95 were public appointments unit nominees; and if he will list these appointments. [25947]

Mr. Willetts

The public appointments unit believes that 180 appointments were made following nomination by the unit during 1994–95. A list of these appointments is as followsNationalised Industries and Public Corporations:

  • Commonwealth Development Corporation—1 appointment
  • Independent Television Commission—1 appointment
  • Radio Authority—4 appointments
Executive Bodies:
  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council— 2 appointments
  • British Association for Central and Eastern Europe— 1 appointment
  • Broadcasting Standards Council— 1 appointment
  • Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (UK)—2 appointments
  • Coal Authority—3 appointments
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council—1 appointment
  • Equal Opportunities Commission—1 appointment
  • Gaming Board for Great Britain—1 appointment
  • Home Grown Cereals Authority—1 appointment
  • Housing Action Trust—1 appointment
  • Legal Aid Board—2 appointments
  • Marshal Aid Commemoration Commission—1 appointment
  • Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council—3 appointments
  • Police Complaints Authority—1 appointment
  • Public Health Laboratory Services Board—1 appointment
  • Regional Flood Defence Committees—3 appointments
  • Remploy—1 appointment
  • Royal Armouries Board of Trustees—1 appointment
  • Sea Fish Industry Authority—1 appointment
  • Teacher Training Agency—1 appointment
  • Trinity House Lighthouse Board—1 appointment
  • Water Customer Service Committee—1 appointment
  • Welsh Consumer Council—1 appointment
Advisory Bodies:
  • Advisory Board on Restricted Patients—1 appointment
  • Advisory Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations—2 appointments
  • Advisor Council on Public Records—1 appointment
  • Armed Forces Pay Review Body—1 appointment
  • Agricultural Marketing Act Committees of Investigation—1 appointment
  • Animal Procedures Committee—1 appointment
  • Business Advisory Committee on Telecommunications—1 appointment
  • Committees for the Employment of People with Disabilities—10 appointments
  • Council on Tribunals—1 appointment
  • Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board—1 appointment
  • Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body—2 appointments
  • Electricity Consumer Committees—2 appointments
  • English Advisory Committee on Telecommunications—1 appointment
  • Nurses', Midwives' and other NHS Professions' Review Body—4 appointments
  • Parole Board—1 appointment
  • Race Relations Employment Advisory Group—4 appointments
  • Schoolteachers' Review Body—1 appointment
  • Senior Salaries Review Body—3 appointments
  • Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical Education—1 appointment
  • Transport Users' Consultative Committee—1 appointment
  • Employment Appeal Tribunal— 3 appointments
  • Financial Services Tribunal— 7 appointments
  • Social Security Appeal Tribunals—1 appointment
National Health Service Bodies:
  • District Health Authority—1 appointment
  • Family Health Service Authority—2 appointments
  • National Health Service Trusts—6 appointments
  • Special Health Authorities—2 appointments
Executive Agency and other Management Boards:
  • CCTA Programme Management Advisory Board—3 appointments
  • Driving Standards Advisory Board—1 appointment
  • Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency—1 appointment
  • Ordnance Survey Management Board—1 appointment
  • MOD Disposal Sales Agency Management Board—1 appointment
  • MOD Management Audit Board—1 appointment
  • Pesticides Safety Directorate Ownership Board—1 appointment
  • Prison Service Industries and Farms Management Board—1 appointment
  • Security Facilities Executive Agency—1 appointment
  • Services Sound and Vision Corporation Management Board—1 appointment
Other Appointments:
  • Advisory Group on Eco Management and Audit—1 appointment
  • Assessment Panel for Construction Research—1 appointment
  • British Coal Pension Scheme—1 appointment
  • Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges Steering Committee—1 appointment
  • Charity Commissioner (part—time)—1 appointment
  • General Medical Council—1 appointment
  • HM Inspectorate of Pollution Advisory Committee—1 appointment
  • Insurance Brokers Registration Council—1 appointment
  • MOD Review of Service Career and Manpower Structures and Terms and Conditions of Service—1 appointment
  • National Theatre Board—1 appointment
  • New Horizons for Women Event (Norwich)—1 appointment
  • Office of Fair Trading Senior Management Review—1 appointment
  • Police Authorities—15 appointments
  • Police Authorities Selection Panels—39 appointments
  • Public Works Loan Board—1 appointment
  • Solicitors Complaints Bureau Adjudication and Appeals Committee—1 appointment