HC Deb 24 October 1995 vol 264 cc616-7W
Mr. McAllion

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment if she will provide in respect of her plan for pay delegation submitted to the Treasury(a) a description of the staff in each bargaining unit covered by the plan, distinguishing staff in Headquarters functions, agencies and agency candidates, and in other identifiable business units and (b) proposals for the trade union recognition in each bargaining unit and the negotiating machinery to be put in place in each bargaining unit. [38275]

Mr. Robin Squire

The pay delegation plan for the Department for Education and Employment bargaining unit, excluding the Employment Service, includes the following staff, covered by the union agreement described:

Grade Union agreement Staff in posts
Administrative Officer CPSA 1,348
Personal Secretary CPSA 156
Support Grade Band 1 NUCPS 77
Support Manager 3 NUCPS 12
Economic Assistant FDA 11
Senior Economic Assistant FDA 9
Management Trainee NUCPS 11
Senior Executive Officer (inc.) NUCPS 422
Grade Union agreement Staff in post
Auditors and Accountants FDA 8
Admin Trainee HEO (D) FDA 26
Administrative Assistant CPSA 410
Chief Typing Manager CPSA 1
Typist CPSA 98
Higher Executive Officer (inc. NUCPS 1,098
Auditors and Accountants) NUCPS 5
Senior Instructional Officer NUCPS 205
Support Grade Band 2 NUCPS 1
Support Manager 1
Senior Personal Secretary CPSA 43
Typing Manager CPSA 6
Executive Officers (inc. Accountants) NUCPS 1,203
Support Manager 2 NUCPS 4
Assistant Statistician FDA 14
Senior Assistant Statistician FDA 8
Higher Instructional Officer NUCPS 12
Senior Information Officer IPMS 23
Scientific Officer IPMS 3
Higher Scientific Officer IPMS 7
Senior Scientific Officer IPMS 2
Senior Professional and Technology Officer (SPTO) IPMS 18
Information Officer IPMS 38
Graphics Officer IPMS 1
Higher Graphics Officer IPMS 1
Assistant Information Officer IPMS 14
Research Officer IPMS 2
Senior Psychologist IPMS 7
Senior Research Officer IPMS 27
Grade 6 IPMS, 66
Grade 7 NUCPS and 518
Super Spec Inspector Band C FDA 1
Assistant Librarian IPMS 16
Librarian IPMS 5
Senior Librarian IPMS 2
Senior Training Adviser IPMS 24
Total 5,963

For collective bargaining purposes the DFEE intends to recognise four unions—the Civil and Public Services Association, the National Union of Civil and Public Servants, the Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists and the Association of First Division Civil Servants.

The Department will pursue single table bargaining arrangements.