HC Deb 21 November 1995 vol 267 cc64-6W
Dr. David Clark

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list the(a) surface ships and (b) submarines sold by his Department in each of the last five years. [461]

Mr. Arbuthnot

[holding answer 20 November 1995]: A list of surface ships and submarines sold in each of the last five years is as follows.

(a) Surface ships sold in each of the last five years
Ship name Ship type
HMS Achilles Leander Class Frigate
HMS Walkerton Minesweeper
HMS Sandpiper Bird Class Patrol Vessel
HMS Peterel Bird Class Patrol Vessel
HMS Cormorant Spitfire Class Patrol Vessel
HMS Hart Spitfire Class Patrol Vessel
RMAS Dolwen Range Vessel
RMAS Bembridge Fleet Tender
HMS Penelope Leander Class Frigate
HMS Danae Leander Class Frigate
HMS Eskimo Tribal Class Frigate
HMS Attacker Attacker Class Vessel
HMS Hunter Attacker Class Vessel
HMS Striker Attacker Class Vessel
HMS Fencer Attacker Class Vessel
HMS Chaser Attacker Class Vessel
HMS Gavington Minesweeper
HMS Kirkliston Minesweeper
HMS Upton Minesweeper
HMS Beaufort Minesweeper
HMS Hubberston Minehunter
HMS Kedleston Minehunter
HMS Custon Minehunter
HMS Fawn Coastal Survey Vessel
RFA Tidespring Fleet Tanker
RMAS Green Rover Small Fleet Tanker
RMAS Manly Fleet Tender
RMAS Mentor Fleet Tender
RMAS Millbrook Fleet Tender
RMAS Throsk Armament Carrier
RMAS Waterside SP Water Carrier
RMAS Goldeneye Mooring and Salvage
RMAS Mandarin Mooring and Salvage
RMAS Kinbrace Mooring and Salvage
RMAS Dorothy Harbour Tug
RMAS Torrid Torpedo Recovery
MFV Yarmouth Navigator Motor Fishing Vessel
HMS Ariadne Leander Class Frigate
HMS Phoebe Leander Class Frigate
HMS Brereton Minesweeper
HMS Wotton Minesweeper
HMS Endurance Ice Patrol Ship
RMAS Blue Rover Fleet Tanker
RMAS Criccieth Fleet Tender
RMAS Watershed SP Water Carrier
RMAS Oilfield SP Oil Carrier
RMAS Oilstone SP Oil Carrier
RMAS Regent Replenishment Ship
RMAS Sentinel Support Vessel
MFV Uriah Heep Motor Fishing Vessel
RDV Crystal Research Vessel
HMS Ambuscade Type 21 Frigate
HMS Amazon Type 21 Frigate
HMS Arrow Type 21 Frigate
(a) Surface ships sold in each of the last five years
Ship name Ship type
HMS Alacrity Type 21 Frigate
HMS Active Type 21 Frigate
HMS Avenger Type 21 Frigate
HMS Jersey Offshore Patrol Vessel
HMS Cleopatra Leander Class Frigate
HMS Minerva Leander Class Frigate
HMS Hecate Hecla Class Survey Ship
HMS Lofoten Landing Craft
HMS Challenger Seabed Operations Vessel
RMAS Cartmel Fleet Tender
RMAS Ettrict Fleet Tender
RMAS Fotherby Fleet Tender
RMAS Datchet Fleet Diving Vessel
RMAS Whitehead Experiment Trial Vessel
RMAS Pointer Harbour Tug
RMAS Alsation Harbour Tug
HMS Andromeda Leander Class Frigate
HMS Juno Leander Class Frigate
HMS Argonaut Leander Class Frigate
HMS Broadsword Type 22 Frigate
HMS Battleaxe Type 22 Frigate
HMS Brazen Type 22 Frigate
HMS Brilliant Type 22 Frigate
HMS Nurton Minesweeper
HMS Herford River Class Minesweeper
HMS Carron River Class Minesweeper
HMS Waveney River Class Minesweeper
HMS Dovey River Class Minesweeper
HMS Helmsdale River Class Minesweeper
HMS Humber River Class Minesweeper
HMS Ribble River Class Minesweeper
RFA Olmeda Large Fleet Tanker
RMAS Clovelly Fleet Tender
RMAS Cromarty Fleet Tender
RMAS Froxfield Fleet Tender
RMAS Loyal Proctor Fleet Tender
RMAS Moderator Fleet Tender
RMAS Volunteer Fleet Tender
RMAS Beddgelert Fleet Tender
RMAS Gnat Fleet Tender
RMAS Cricket Fleet Tender
RMAS Denmead Fleet Tender
RMAS Elsing Fleet Tender
RNXS Glencoe Fleet Tender
TS Aberdovey Fleet Tender
TS Abinger Fleet Tender
RMAS Garganey Mooring and Salvage
RMAS Corgi Dog Class Tug
Targe Target Vessel
Magpie Target Vessel
Bullseye Target Vessel
RCL Agheila Ramped Craft Logistic
RCL Antwerp Ramped Craft Logistic
Various lighters and other unnamed vessels.
(b) Submarines sold in each of the last 5 years
Ship Name Ship Type
HMS Odin Oberin Class Conventional Patrol Submarine
HMS Onslaught
HMS Onyx
HMS Otter
HMS Otus
HMS Ocelot
(b) Submarines sold in each of the last 5 years
Ship Name Ship Type
HMS Osiris Oberon Class Conventional Patrol Submarine
HMS Orpheus Oberon Class Conventional Patrol Submarine

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