HC Deb 02 May 1995 vol 259 c122W
Mr. Hawkins

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will publish the Prison Service's plans for the period 1995 to 1998. [22402]

Mr. Howard

The Prison Service's corporate plan for 1995 to 1998, together with its business plan setting out its detailed programme of work for 1995–96, are being published today. Copies are being placed in the Library.

The business plan sets as the service's top priority for 1995–96 improvement in performance on security. The other priorities are implementing incentives for good behaviour by prisoners; implementing the controls on temporary release I announced on 18 November 1994, and ensuring that every prison has an effective strategy for detecting and dealing with drug abuse.

The business plan also sets out the service's key targets for 1995–96, which are:

  1. 1. To ensure that no category A prisoners escape.
  2. 2. To ensure that the total numbers of escapes from prison establishments and from escorts, expressed as a percentage of the average prison population, is at least 25 per cent. lower than in 1994–95.
  3. 3. To ensure that the rate of assaults on staff, prisoners and others, expressed as a percentage of the average prison population, is lower than in 1994–95.
  4. 4. To ensure that no prisoners are held three to a cell in accommodation intended for one prisoner, subject to ensuring that no prisoners are held in police cells unless this is absolutely unavoidable.
  5. 5. To ensure that all prisoners have access to sanitation at all times by the end of February 1996, provided that the prison population does not increase significantly above current projections and there is no major unplanned loss of accommodation.
  6. 6. To ensure that prisoners spend, on average, at least 25.5 hours per week in purposeful activity.
  7. 7. To ensure that by 31 March 1996 at least 38 per cent. of prisoners are held in establishments where prisoners are unlocked on weekdays for at least 12 hours, provided this can be supported by an active and constructive regime.
  8. 8. To ensure that all prisoners have the opportunity to exceed minimum visiting entitlements, subject to qualifying under earned incentive schemes.
  9. 9. To ensure that the average cost per prisoner place does not exceed £24,600.

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