HC Deb 22 March 1995 vol 257 cc260-2W
Mr. Boyes

To ask the Secretary of State for National Heritage if he will list all White Papers, Green Papers and pamphlets issued in 1994 by his Department or agencies for which it is responsible, giving in each case the total cost to the Exchequer of their production, publications and distribution; and what was the total equivalent cost in 1993.

Mr. Dorrell

[holding answer 2 March 1995]: The information that the hon. Member requires is listed in the table. The total equivalent cost in 1993 is given where appropriate.

Title Cost 1993 £ Cost 1994 £
Department of National Heritage
DNH Annual Report not available 15,887.34
Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future 8,037.90

Title Cost 1993 £ Cost 1994 £
Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future (reprint) 2,310.00
Proposed new Library and Information Commission—A Consultation Paper 80.48
Report by the Secretary of State for National Heritage on Library and Information Matters during 1993 1,514.54
Public Lending Right Annual Report 1993–94 1,165.05 1,200.77
Export Licensing Unit Code of Practice 1,360.38
The Future of the BBC, Serving the Nation Competing world-wide (White Paper) 5,662.86
BBC White Paper summary sheet 223.25
The National Lottery leaflet 2,087.32
The Ecclesiastical Exemption—What it is and How it Works 1,028.00
The Ecclesiastical Exemption—What it is and How it Works (reprint) 926.00
Library Information Series No. 21: School Library Services and Financial Delegation to Schools 807.33
'Newsbrief newsletters 561.08
Annual Report of the Reviewing Committee on the Export of
Works of Art 6,122.18 6,352.15
A Guide to the Department and its Sponsored Bodies (two issues in 1993 and one in 1994) 3,357.18 2,149.33
What Listing Means 2,779.08
What Listing Means (reprint) 2,332.33
Review of Grading in Museums 68.15
Guidelines for Alterations to Historic Prisons in Scotland 1,884.65
How to Appeal against Listing 103.40
Treasure Trove Annual Report 104.58 64.63
Response to the Select Committee on the British Library 270.00
Royal Parks Agency
Royal Parks Agency Annual Report 1994 34,205.05
Royal Parks of London by Richard Church1 4,000.00 nil
Royal Parks guide books1 32,000.00 nil
Agency Framework Document 21,160.00 1,115.00
Agency Corporate Plan 23,780.00 300.00
Royal Parks Agency Visitor's Charter 560.00
Entertainments Programme 5,670.00 9,000.00
Historic Royal Palaces Agency (HRPA)
HM Tower of London Palace Guide3 112,800.00 122,500.00
HM Tower of London Jewel House Guide3 138,000.00
Hampton Court Palace Guide3 71,840.00 66,151.00
Hampton Court Palace Functions Brochure 7,616.00
Hampton Court Palace leaflets 10,448.00 9,969.00
Kensington Palace Guide 11,500.00
Banqueting House Guide 7,380.00
Banqueting House Brochure Pack 11,000.00
Banqueting House leaflet 1,150.00
Kew Palace Guide 5,215.00
HRPA Annual Report and Accounts 25,275.00 22,852.00

Title Cost 1993 £ Cost 1994 £
HRPA Marketing leaflets not available 58,865.00
Travel Trade Fanfare Magazine 5,992.50 4,143.00
1 The cost of these publications is recovered through sales revenue.
2 These costs are attributable to DNH, since they were incurred before 1 April 1993 when the Agency came into existence.
3 The cost of these items is recovered through sales revenue.

In respect of those White Papers, Green Papers and other publications published by HMSO, costs are borne by HMSO, which aims to recover these from sales revenue.

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