HC Deb 28 February 1995 vol 255 cc547-9W
Mr. Cousins

To ask the Secretary of state for social security if he will publish a table showing the number of grants to funeral expenses made by his Department each

The Secretary of State for Social Security has asked me to reply to your recent Parliamentary Question asking for statistical information in connection with the habitual residence test for each Benefits Agency district office. Information about the number of people refused Income Support after failing the habitual residence test has been collated for the period 1 August 1994 to 31 January 1994 and is provided at Annex A. The table shows the twenty one Benefits Agency Area Directorates that make up Great Britain and lists the districts that make up each area. A copy has been placed in the Library. Housing and Council Tax Benefits information is collected annually from Local Authorities by the Department of Social Security. Habitual residency test figures will not be available until after the end of the financial year. Data regarding the number of successful appeals, in cases where Income Support has been disallowed as a result of the application of the test, is not collected in the format requested; this could be provided only at a disproportionate cost. I hope you find this reply helpful.

Sir Ralph Howell

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what is the net gain for a person who is on income support and has worked at £3.20 per hour for(a) eight hours and (b) 16 hours, showing calculations in each case.

Mr. Roger Evans

[pursuant to his reply, 17 February 1995, c.872–74]: The table provided included an incorrect figure for net pay for eight hours work at £3.20 per hour. The figure should be £25.60, not £25.50 as shown in the second column of the first row. The correct information is in the table.

(a) in 1991, (b) in 1992,(c) in 1993 and (d) in 1994 were women.

Mr. Hague

The figures for 1991 and 1992 are contained in the Civil Service Commissioners report for the relevant year, copies of which are in the Library.

The figures for 1993 and 1994 are as follows:

year since the introduction of the social fund, together with the total and average costs of such grants.

Mr. Roger Evans

The information requested is not available for the first year of the funeral payment scheme—1987–88. Information for subsequent years is set out in the table.

Year Number of awards(000) Gross expenditure(£m) Average award(£)
1988–89 37 18.4 497
1989–90 44 23.9 545
1990–91 49 29.7 612
1991–92 57 40.1 706
1992–93 63 49.5 789
1993–94 72 62.5 873
1 April 1994 to 31 January 1995 55 51.1 923

Figures may not sum due to rounding.