HC Deb 18 December 1995 vol 268 cc916-21W
Mr. Dobson

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list all qualitative and quantitative research projects and surveys carried out for his Department into aspects of public attitudes and opinions(a) in general and (b) in relation to specific policy proposals in each of the past three years to December 1995, indicating for each project or survey (i) the date on which the research was commissioned, (ii) ) the amount which his Department spent, (iii) who carried out the research, (iv) the number of people surveyed or taking part, (v) the location and times scale and (vi) which individuals and organisations have been given access to the findings. [5987]

Mr. Gummer

[holding answer 14 December 1995]: The information available about surveys carried out by my Department in the past three years, which include questions to individuals about their opinions. is given.

Title Objectives Fieldwork start date Location Researchers Number of respondents
Customer Survey; Study of Appellants' Experience of the Written Representations Appeals System To access customer satisfaction with the written representation appeals procedures February 1993 South East, North West and West Midlands Regions of DoE W.S. Atkins Planning Consultants 1,575
Evaluation of Rebuilding Grants To evaluate and examine the wider applicability of rebuilding grants February 1993 Birmingham University of Salford 150
Owner-Occupiers who are Cavity Wall Insulation Enthusiasts To encourage uptake of insulation February 1993 UK NBA Tectronics 420
Evaluation of the Rough Sleepers Initiative To evaluate policy March 1993 Central London Research and Information services 300
Applicant's Perceptions of the Planning Appeals System Customer's views on the planning appeals system March 1993 South East. North West and West Midlands Regions of DoE W.S. Atkins 1,575
Evaluation of 'Right to Buy' Publicity Campaign To evaluate publicity campaign April 1993 England MORI 1.575
'Right To Buy' Campaign Evaluation—follow-up stage Follow-up to above survey May 1993 England MORI 1.000
Landlords Research To inform policy making July 1993 SCPR
Public Attitudes to the Environment To inform policy July 1993 England and Wales NOP 3.200
Helping the Earth—Literature Evaluation To evaluate literature campaign September 1993 UK MAI 518
Customer Survey: Study of Appellants' and Local Authorities' Experience of the Hearings System To assess customer satisfaction with hearings of appeals procedures September 1993 England W.S. Atkins Planning Consultants 1.569
Helping the Earth Campaign Evaluation Research 1993-94—Waves 4 and 5 To evaluate the 'Helping the Earth' campaign September to November 1993 GB BMRB 1,200
Ventilation in Homes To evaluate the effectiveness of Building Regulations October 1993 Eight Regions across UK PAS 250
Helping the Earth Radio Campaign To assess the effectiveness of campaign October 1993 GB RSGB 2,000
Rent Policies of LAs in England To monitor and inform policy November 1993 England Inlogov 920
The Nature of Demand for Housing in Rural Areas To investigate people's housing experiences in rural areas December 1993 Allerdale, Vale of White Horse and Newbury Birmingham University 550
Flat Service Charges and Right to Buy To monitor and inform policy December 1993 UK MORI 936
Monitoring the Actions of Failed Grant Applicants To monitor and inform policy January 1994 England PAS 2,000
Rent to Mortgage leaflet follow-up To establish tenants opinion and action taken towards buying their home February 1994 GB NOP 2,000
Public Attitudes to Planning (and Development) To inform policy and promote the planning system February 1994 England and Wales Prism Research 3,000
Helping the Earth Campaign, Pre and Post Monitor To assess campaign effectiveness February 1994 GB COL 4,000
Study of Lodgers Scheme To inform Policy making on Lodgers scheme March 1994 England The London Research Centre 50
Recreational Cycling Market Research To assess customer satisfaction April 1994 England COL 636

Title Objectives Fieldwork start date Location Researchers Numbers of respondents
Albert Dock Visitor Survey To assess number, origins and method of travel and spend per head April 1994 Area bounded by Dukes Dock. Mersey River Frontage. Canning Dock and Strand Street Allott and Lomax Consultants 1,858
Ventilation in Homes To evaluate the effectiveness of Building Regulations April 94 GB (except Scotland) Public Attitudes Surveys 3,000
The Environmental Effects of Dust from Surface Mineral Workings—pilot survey To define reasonable dust levels May 94 England and Wales Ove Arup & Partners 60
Vacant Dwellings in the private Sector To determine the scope for bring vacant dwellings back into use May 94 England University of Wales + MORI 500
London Docklands Development Corporation Residents survey To assess residents views of area, local facilities, priorities for change and perceptions of the LDDC June 94 LDUD Area MORI 508
Home Improvement Agency Client Survey To review the work of Home Improvement Agencies Juen94 England SCPR 600
Research into the Role and Operation Of Homes To evaluate Policy August 94 England, Wales and Scotland MORI 1,250
1994 London Docklands Visitor Survey To assess visitor levels and experiences September 94 Travel and Tourism Research
"Wasting Energy Costs the Earth" Campaign Evaluation To establish attitudes to and action on energy use in the home September 94 UK NOP 1,000
The Environmental Effects of Production Blasting from Surface Mineral Workings (Pilot Survey) To define reasonable working levels for production blasting September 94 Ammanford(S. Wales) Vibrock Ltd 50
Customer Survey: Study of Customer's experience of the inquiry procedure To assess customer satisfaction October 94 England and Wales W S Atkins Planning Consultants 1,250
Review of Council's Tenants Charter To assess customer awareness, Views on contents and usefulness of the Councils Tenant's Charter November 94 10 selected local authorities in England MORI 80
Houses in Multiple Occupation: Establishing Effective Local Authority Strategies To assess customer satisfaction December 94 England Public Attitudes Surveys Ltd 60
Testing the Planetary Caretaker Pack To explore childrens reactions to Environmental Information Packs March 95 GB NOP 1,000
Review of LAs charging for Public Path Orders To assess customer satisfaction April 95 England and Wales Countryside and Community Research Unit 220
Residents Attitude Survey (North Hull Housing Action Trust) To assess views of tenants April 95 North Hull HAT Designated Area Market Researchers (CWA) Consultancy Ltd 510
Planning Inspectorate Customer Survey (Pilot) Opinion of the Inspectors and administrative handling of appeals June/July 95 England N/A 900
Personal Exposure to Atmospheric Particles To assess background on lifestyle and living conditions July/August 95 Birmingham National Environment Technology Centre 30
Air Quality Awareness Omnibus Survey To assess awareness of Air Pollution issues August 95 UK BMRB International Ltd 1,050
Wall Insulation and Development To assess attitudes towards use of cavity wall insulation August 95 England Cragg. Ross. Dawson 80

Title Objectives Fieldwork start date Location Researchers Number of respondents
Experiences of Enforcement Provision of the Leasehold Reform Act 1993 To assess the effects of the recent legislation September 95 England and Wales Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research—Sheffield Hallam University 1,350
The use of Accelerated Possession Proceedings To assess awareness, knowledge and whether procedure is working effectively November 95 England London Research Centre 50
Evaluation of Tune your Car Campaign To assess perceptions of impact of cars on the Environment and attitudes to greener motoring December 95 Leeds, Middlesborough, Sheffield, Oxford and Bristol NOP 2,500