HC Deb 20 October 1994 vol 248 cc309-10W
Mr. Morgan

To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what arrangements he has made for the management and ownership of the Morriston open heart surgery unit at the completion of the first five-year period, in the event of contractors being appointed for the second five year practitioner practices in 11 of the former 14 regions during 1993–94. Around 2,000 practices participated in nationally approved schemes. The regions and family health services authorities which participated in these schemes are shown in the table. There were also a number of locally approved schemes about which information is not available centrally.

The schemes are subject to annual review. Those for 1993–94 were effective in encouraging cost-effective prescribing and further nationally approved schemes are running this year in all new regions. Figures are not yet available centrally on the numbers of practices participating in this year's schemes.

contract different from the owners of the facility for the duration of the first five years.

Mr. Redwood

Arrangements for the operation of the new unit following the first five years will be a matter for the Morriston Hospital NHS Trust and the commissioners of the service in negotiation with the successful contractor, whether public or private. The services provided by the unit will be free at the point of delivery to NHS patients as it will remain an NHS-controlled facility meeting NHS needs whoever is the manager.