HC Deb 16 May 1994 vol 243 c353W
Mr. Vaz

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security how many(a) portable telephones, (b) pagers and electronic bleepers and (c) car telephones are currently used by his Department; what are the annual costs of operating this equipment; and to which personnel it is made available.

Mr. Hague

The information is not available in the form requested. The available information is in the table. The equipment is provided where a valid business case for its purchase and use is made by the individual/unit concerned.

Mobile telephones (including car 'phones) Pagers
Benefits Agency
Number in use 1 1
Combined annual cost 2£625,738.94 1
Contributions Agency
Number in use 1 1
Combined annual cost 2£194,183.18 1
Information Technology Services Agency
Number in use 539 1,111
Annual cost £210,681 £244,503
Number issued to specified BA and ES district offices for the use of computer support staff 998
Annual cost £108,562
Number in use 49 72
Annual cost £20,193 £14,757
Child Support Agency
Number in use 380 185
Annual cost 1 1
Resettlement Agency
Number in use 7 8
Annual cost 1 1
War Pensions Agency
Number in use 103 5
Annual cost £27,810 £439


1 Indicates that no central record is held by the Agency and the information could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.

2 Includes combined annual cost of mobile telephones and pagers.

Figures quoted are as at the end of the 1993–94 financial year.