HC Deb 31 March 1994 vol 240 cc989-90W
Mr. Allen

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what regulations pertain to the employment of 16-year-old naval ratings on removing asbestos from the boilers of ships; and when they were introduced.

Mr. Hanley

The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 1969 referred specifically to young persons under the age of 18 and stated that they should not be employed in work connected with asbestos. These were

TCHD Mk 2—unscheduled stops since entering service Faults and rectification
Service Number Date Location Fault Quality Design Rectification Delay time
1 8 November 1992 A68 south of Consett Overheating brakes X Modify valve design to balance brake pressure Modification completed on all vehicles (warranty) 1 hour 51 minules
2 2 December 1992 A602 north of Tonwell Fumes in cab Cold start fluid overfill (Operator error) 25 minutes
3 11 December 1992 A1 Diddington Alternator light suppressor Alternator replaced but no fault found 25 minutes
4 17 December 1992 Honington False reading in electrical system No fault found 46 minutes
5 12 February 1993 A404 south of J4 M4 ABS warning light X ABS module replaced (warranty) 27 minutes
6 18 February 1993 Wittering Air leak cab filter X Filter replaced 10 minutes
7 18 February 1993 Near Burghfield Electrical system fault No fault found 20 minutes
8 16 March 1993 A1(M)—18 Engine stop spring broken X Spring replaced 20 minutes
9 18 March 1993 B6318 north east of Corbridge Temporary warning light fuse blown No fault found, fuse replaced 28 minutes
10 5 April 1993 A1 near Stilton ABS warning light fuse blown No fault found, fuse replaced 28 minutes
11 18 May 1993 M6—south of J18 Fuel pump shaft sheared X Fuel pumps replaced all vehicles (warranty) 3 hours 20 minutes
12 18 May 1993 A898(T) just north of Erskuie Bridge Exhaust brake sticking X Foot switch replaced. Stripped and cleaned by Foden 2 hours 1 minute
13 25 June 1993 A43 near Stamford Exhaust brake sticking X Foot switch replaced. Stripped and cleaned by Foden 4 hours 14 minutes
14 14 August 1993 A74 near Moffat Compressor oil pipe leaking X Improved design fitted to all vehicles 1 hour 30 minules
15 9 September 1993 A45 east of Cambridge Wiper arm loose X Are re-tightened 10 minutes
16 6 October 1993 M1 north of J28 Throttle spring broken X Spring replaced 20 minutes
17 15 October 1993 Near Burghfield Brakes pulling left Due to driving through water, operator error 20 minutes
18 25 November 1993 A1(M) south of Durham Fuel pump drive failure X Fuel pump replaced 1 hour 32 minutes
19 9 December 1993 M25 south of J18 Secondary alternator failure Tractor unit replaced. Alternator replaced. Failure under investigation 2 hours 13 minutes

revised in 1987. In the revision, young persons were no longer treated as a special case but the provision of specialist training was required and the use of specialist, licensed contractors recommended. It is my Department's practice to use such contractors, and the Asbestos (Licensing) Regulations 1983 apply.

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