HC Deb 02 March 1994 vol 238 cc700-1W
Mr. Raynsford

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what was the total cost of(a) construction, (b) maintenance and (c) improvements to the M25 in each year since construction commenced at both current and constant 1992–93 prices.

Mr. Key

(a) Construction

The cost of building the M25 was nearly £1000 million. It was constructed over a period of 14 years between 1972 and 1986 giving an average cost per year of £71.42 million. These are actual costs.

£ million
(b) Maintenance
1990–91 10.63
1991–92 30.73
1992–93 24.36
1993–94 130.58
(c) Improvements
1990–91 9.31
1991–92 14.82
1992–93 16.39
1994–94 110.70
1 Estimated spend at current prices.

Information on spend on maintenance and improvements is not collected for particular routes. The figures given have been collated from a number of different sources and some components have been estimated. Reliable information for the years before 1990–91 is not available.

Mr. Raynsford

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list each scheme relating to the M25 in his Department's current trunk roads and motorways programme with the total cost in each year since construction began up to estimated completion, at both current and constant 1992–93 prices, for(a) junction improvements, (b) increasing capacity and (c) other improvements.

Mr. Key

There are three M25 schemes in the roads programme which are currently under construction. The actual and estimated spend for these schemes are listed in the table:

£ million
Junctions 15–16
1992–93 7.1
1993–94 122.9
1994–95 15.3
Junctions 10–11
1993–94 11.5
1994–95 133.5
Junctions 7–8
1993–94 11.0
1994–95 130.0
1995–96 115.0
1Estimated spend at current prices.

All three schemes are to increase capacity to dual four lanes largely within the highway boundary.

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