HC Deb 02 March 1994 vol 238 cc758-9W
Mr. Redmond

To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will state in respect of the £300,000 loaned by West Midlands regional health authority to the company FIP(a) on what date the loan was made, (b) what percentage interest per annum is being paid by FIP and by what percentage this interest differs from that payable on an unsecured loan; (c) who are the directors of FIP and (d) whether FIP is a public or a private company.

Dr. Mawhinney

The loan of £300,000 to Financial Information Project Ltd. by West Midlands regional health authority was made in January 1992. The loan is subject to indexation based on changes in the health service price index. Unsecured loans do not attract a "standard" rate of interest. Treasury loans to the public sector via the national loans fund or the Public Works Loan Board currently attract interest rates of 5 per cent.—for loans between one and two years—or 58 per cent., for loans between two and three years. Focus Information Systems Ltd. is the new name for the company previously known as FIP Ltd. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Health Management Trust and has no directors. The trustees of HMT are: Mr. A. J. Bloore (Chairman), Mr. J. Overton, Mr. S. Sargeant, Mr. C. C. Ashton and Mr. A. J. Mills (director of finance at Warwickshire health authority). HMT is a registered charity.

Mr. Milburn

To ask the Secretary of State for health what level of funding was made available to trusts in each region in each year since 1991–92; and what these figures are as a percentage of the total NI-IS provider unit funding.

Mr. Sackville

Trusts are no longer funded directly but earn their income through contracts to provide healthcare services. The table shows the total contract income of trusts by regional area, by amount and percentage of total national health service provider contract income.

1Estimated outtum.

2 Forecast outturn at Quarter 3.

3 Income includes non-NHS income and income generation.

Source: NHS Management Executive Management Accounts.

Mr. Milburn

To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many trusts there were in each region in each year since 1991–92; and what are those figures as a percentage of the total number of health provider units.

Region Number of Operational Trusts in 1991–92 Number of Operational Trusts in 1992–93 Number of Operational Trusts in 1993–94 Number of Operational Trusts in 1994–951 Number of Operational NHS Trusts in 1994–95 as a percentage of total health provider units2
Northern 3 9 19 34 94
Yorkshire 3 9 23 26 96
Trent 3 13 29 41 91
East Anglian 2 5 15 18 100
North West Thames 4 18 27 29 385
North East Thames 6 14 24 27 87
South West Thames 7 10 17 27 81
South East Thames 1 9 20 31 96
Wessex 4 11 21 26 100
Oxford 1 6 15 24 100
South Western 9 18 22 23 100
West Midlands 4 10 24 47 90
Mersey 8 16 23 25 100
North Western 2 8 13 34 97
Special Health Authorities 0 0 0 5 62
Total 57 156 292 417 92
1 Numbers are based on the approval to date of 135 applications for Fourth Wave Trust status. They do not include the remaining 9, Fourth Wave Trust applications, which my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State has yet to make a decision on.
2 The decisions on the 9 remaining applications for 4th wave Trust status will determine the status of 7 directly managed units and 1 Special Health Authority. Since these decisions are still outstanding these units have been classed as "units not operating as NHS Trusts in 1994–95" for the purpose of calculating these percentages.
3 Includes Teddington Memorial NHS Trust. Although established as an NHS Trust, it is not due to become fully operational until 1 April 1995, following a shadow period of 2 years.