HC Deb 17 June 1994 vol 244 cc696-8W
Mr. Gareth Wardell

To ask the Secretary of State for Wales how many permanent staff are employed in each of the 58 divisions indicated in figure 1.01 of "The Government's Expenditure Plans 1994–95 to 1996–97," Cm. 2515.

Mr. Redwood

The total number of permanent staff employed by my Department at May 1994 is 2,363.5.

The following table shows the numbers of permanent staff in each division.

In addition there are 45.5 senior staff and their immediate support staff and 118 staff mainly on unpaid or maternity leave who are riot assigned to a division.

The figures do not include the office of Her Majesty's chief inspector of schools, which is a separate Government Department.

Permanent staff by division as full time equivalents
Rural Tourism and Countryside Division 24.0
European Affairs Division 31.5
Urban Affairs Division 24.0
Policy Review and Development Division 12.5
Training Education and Intelligence Unit 12.0
Training and Enterprise Division 19.5
Contract Management and Financial Control Division 10.0
Further and Higher Education Division 13.0
Industrial Development Division 58.5
Business Services Division 28.5
Industrial and Regional Policy Division 45.5
Grants, Subsidies and Land Division 418.0
Fisheries and Animal Health Division 20.0
Commodities and General Agricultural Policy 17.5
Legal Division 55.5
Ministers Private Offices 29.0
Information Division 21.0
Cadw: Executive Agency 235.0
Central and Managaement Services Division 1 207.5
Central and Management Services Division 2 17.5
Personnel Management Division 64.5
Statistical Directorate 51.5
Economic Advice Division 6.0
Finance Services Division 62.0
Finance Programmes Division 23.5
Finance Local Government Division 19.0
Trust and Service Development Division 28.0
Organisation Development 25.5
Health Finance Management Division 24.0
Primary Health Care Division 25.5
Corporate Support Unit 3.5
Strategic Management Division 17.5
Public Health and Family Division 25.0
Health Policy and Resources Division 22.5
Community Care Division 20.0
Social Services Inspectorate 17.5
Architects and Surveyors Division 3.5
Housing Division 44.0
Nursing Division 9.0
Environmental Health Sub Group 3.0
Community and Primary Health Care Services Sub Group 22.0
Hospital Support Division 8.0
Dental Division 5.0
Pharmaceutical Division 3.0
Scientific Division 3.0

Network Management Division 43.0
Roads—North Wales 28.5
Roads—Construction 25.5
Roads Administration Division 65.0
Transport Policy Division 23.5
Planning Division 57.0
Estates Division 4.5
Environment Division 26.5
Local Government Reorganisation Division 23.0
Culture and Recreation Division 23.5
Schools Curriculum Division 18.0
Schools Administration Division 26.0