HC Deb 22 April 1994 vol 241 cc713-21W
Mr. Matthew Taylor

To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what information technology consultants his Department has employed and for what purpose and at what total cost for each of the last five years.

Sir John Wheeler

The information requested is listed.

Year 1989–90—Total cost £1,646,805

Consultant and Purpose

DE Barnard Systems IT Strategy To devise a common Information Technology strategy for the Countryside and Wildlife, Historic Monuments and Buildings Branches

Capita Strategy Consultancy Local Area Network at Newforge, Science Service To provide a management accountant, acceptance testing manager and script writer to advise on the Integrated Computer System in Roads Service HPSS Superannuation

Software Ireland VALCOM Project Companies Registry Word Processing Systems Unix Operating Systems

PA Consultancy COMTOD Project To develop a telecommunications strategy for the expansion of the Ordnance Survey for NI topographical database system into a multi user Province wide network

Oracle Software Development To provide advice and support during design and development of the Works Service MAIS project using the ORACLE relational database and toolset. Maternity System

Butler Cox Butler Cox Foundation

Syntek Software Development Transit Consultancy

SD Consultancy Butler Cox Foundation

ICL Software Development VME Series 39 Girocheque Reconciliation

AIMS Ireland SSADM Consultancy IT Strategy Systems and Data Architecture Study

DPP UK Ltd. Software Consultancy Examine Data Communications system—Animal Health

P E Computers CISD Market Test

MBP Systems Software Consultancy

Quadratron Software Development

Coopers and Lybrand Strategy Consultancy NI Emigration Database Computerisation of Social Security Benefits Departmental IT Strategy Plan Local Area Network Study General Ledger System

Uniplex Software Development

Consultant employed by Wang (U.K.) Ltd. Scoping Study of E Mail System in NIO

Belmin Purchasing System

British Telecom Telecoms Service Project

Touche Ross Review Telecoms Draft Statement Financial computerisation study

University of Ulster General Accounting and Financial Information

CCTA Identify options for linking cattle markets to the Animal Health System

CAPITA Muir and Addy Development work on IT Strategy

BIS BEECOM (International) Ltd. To advise on specialised communication aspects of the Integrated Computer Project in Roads Service

Peter Hyde To advise on the organisation, management and job changes required as a result of the Integrated Computer System in Roads Service.

Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Ltd. Advice on Management Accounting aspects of the Integrated Computer Project in Water Service

Metron TEC Ltd. Equipment Performance Monitoring

MDISL Equipment Performance

BIC Systems Unix Operating Systems

SCO Ltd. Unix Operating Systems

EOSYS Ltd. Local Area Network Study

Silicon Bridge Clinical Software

Elite Consultancy Services Project Cost Monitoring System

CICA Services Computer Aided Design Systems

Cheltonian International Panorama System

T Morris and D. Shaw Job Satisfaction Survey

Skytronics Course Booking System

Year 1990–91—Total cost £1,287,809

DBI Associates IS Strategy Review Review of Departmental IT Strategy

Oracle UK Ltd. Software Development Oracle Software To assist in the quality assurance of completed software products for the Works Service MAIS system

Quadratron Systems Software Development

SD Consultancy Butler Cox Foundation

Capita Land Procurement Project Management/IT, acceptance testing manager and script writers for Roads Service Integrated Computer System

ICL System Upgrading Giro Reconciliation Project Transaction Processing for POP Census 1991

PA Consulting NIGIS Project Roads Service Geographical Information System

Hedra Ltd. Market Testing

BSS Ltd. Software Consultancy

Coopers & Lybrand Market Testing Implementation of IT Strategy Plan Implementation of Operational Strategy Projects 1991 Population Census Financial Information Systems Local Area Network Cabling in DHSS

DIKTAT Systems Training Consultancy

Kainos Software Software Consultancy

Syntek Ltd. VALCOM Project

AIMS Ireland SSADM Consultancy Compensation Recovery Project IT Strategy Studies


WS Atkins HRMS Project To provide advice on the technical options available in the event of the Roads Integrated Computer System contractor deciding on terms unacceptable to the Department

Belmin Purchasing System

Price Waterhouse Telecoms Project

Kermon Associates Telecoms Service Study

OSI Group PLC Telecoms Service Study

CCTA Telecoms Project.

McDonnell Douglas Information Systems ROSI-DEC Communication Consultancy and Demonstrations.

Dr B Farrington Provide a detailed assessment of Roads Integrated Computer System contractual dispute and provide advice on a negotiating strategy.

BIS Beecom (International) Ltd. Reassessment of benefits which Integrated Computer System would have provided. Identify and quantify functionality which may have been incorporated in Roads ICS Release 1 additional to contractual requirements. Oracle.

Peat Marwick McClintock Technical advice in connection with Roads Service Integrated Computer System.

Dr S Port Work Design computer study, technical computer configuration for Roads Service.

Capita Muir and Addy Financial Systems Strategy. Tender Evaluation. Capital Charges System. Superannuation Tender Evaluation.

Elite Consultancy Services Project Cost Monitoring System. Capital Planning Resources Allocation System.

T Morris and D Shaw Job Satisfaction Survey.

Touche Ross Integrated Complementing System Project.

SCOLL Computer Security. CRAMM.

Systems Source Ltd. GP Computers—Phase 1 and 2.

Logical Choice Open Systems Picmigration.

Software Ireland Open Systems Integration.

Softlab CRAMM.

Year 1991–92—Total cost £1,229,658

ICS Computing OSS Project To advise on Software problems and system updates for PDP computer system based in Northland House

Inst. Software Engineering CASE Consultancy

Information Strategies OSS Project

NCC Ltd. OSS Project

Synaptics Project Management Implementation of X400 Managing

Lorien Group Oracle and SSADM

Computer Search and Selection Programming Language for PRO

Software Ireland OSS Project

Lucas Management Artemis VMS Project

CLASS Ltd. SSADM Consultancy

Belmin Purchasing System

CFM VLO Contingency

Price Waterhouse Telecoms Service Study

Kermon Associates Telecoms Service Study.

CCTA Telecoms Project IT Approval Projects Advice on contingency and open systems for the Animal Health System System Consulting Study Review Information Systems Strategy

Portfolio Systems Advice on use of development language and operating system for the Grants and Subsidies project

Unisys Ltd Sizing capacity of the Animal Health System for contingency purposes

Hedley Computer Consultants To check the Animal Health System to identify potential problem areas before the Spring business peak

Touche Ross Information Systems Strategy Scoping Study in the Education Service AMIS Project ICS Project—Complementing mode extensions SSO Monitoring Model and Local Office Factors Information Systems Strategy Studies Feasibility Lab Study I and 2 Amendment to SSO complementing model

Digital Equipment Co. Development of IT Contingency Plan Procedures Manual Networking Review of Digital Equipment in DENI

McDonnell Douglas Information Systems Consultancy on Civil Service Payroll Interface with CARS

Logicom Feasibility Study into Facilities Management Software Support Software Tailoring

Oracle Software Support

Quad ratron Software Installation Reviews

HELM Corporation Specialist Advice on IT Accountancy System for Ordnance Survey (NI) Replacement of Rate Collection Agency Computer System

Coopers & Lybrand To prepare an Information Systems Strategy for Water Service Water Service Geographical Information System IT Strategy for Rate Collection Agency—Phases I and II HPSS Hospital In-Patient System Computerisation options for Land Registry with particular attention to the NI Geographic Information System. Financial Systems Review of 1990 Social Security Benefits Computerisation Plan Health and Personal Social Services Data Management and Project Control Procedures Replacement of Mental Health Records System Integrated Complementing System Project—Central Operations Monitoring Model

PA Consulting Group Roads Service Geographical Information System Review of Personnel Arrangements (OCAO)

Dr B Farrington Provide a detailed assessment of Roads Service Integrated Computer System contractual dispute and provide advice and negotiating strategy

DBI Associates Ltd. To prepare an Information Systems Strategy for the Roads Service (including supplementary study into best use of IBM 3090 with Department)

Crawford W To advise on Nature Conservancy Council Recorder System

Campbell Associates To record and update open areas within Belfast

Water Research Centre Arddvart System for Water Executive

SCOLL CRAMM Security Review

Softlab CRAMM PAS Review

Insight CRAMM PAS Review

Delta Performance Systems Comp Based Training

Aims Ireland Prince Management Standard Project Approval Mechanisms

MDISL Capacity Planning

Park Place Training Prince and PID

Ernst and Young Fin Systems Support

BIC Systems Oracle for Prescription Pricing Introductory Guides to DHSS Network

BB ISG Project

Capita Accident and Emergency Radiology Systems

T Morris and D Shaw Job Satisfaction Survey

ICL Transaction Processing Element on Pop Census Investigation of Problems in Data Dictionary for Giro Reconciliation System

ADVEC Report on UTP Data Cabling in Castle Court

Elite Consultancy Services Revision of Project Cost Monitoring System

KPMG Personnel Review

Year 1992–93—Total cost £1,025,631

CSC Index Butler Cox Foundation Corporate Information Management OSS Project

SD Consultancy Butler Cox Foundation

Kainos Software OSS Project

Information Systems Ltd. OSS Project

Security and Standards OSS Project

CFM Ltd. Software Consultancy Oracle Programmer for development of Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Computerised Booking System Date Capture for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Computerised Booking System Systems Development for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency

Digital Equipment Co. PRINCE Consultancy To undertake project management for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Pathworks (LAN) Software implementation

Oracle (UK) Ltd. Oracle Consultancy Database Development Support Consultancy Quality Assurance of Database Design for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency.

NCC Ltd. OSS Project

CCTA Scoping Study Telecoms Project To appraise the way forward for the implementation of a computerised accounting system within DANI in the context of NICS policy on convergence Facilities Management Support Quality Assurance of IS Strategy CSA Support

Belmin Purchasing System

OSI Group plc Telecoms Billing

ITAT Associates Ltd. Datacoms Network

Purchasing Index (UK) Ltd Purchasing Index

Elite Consultancy Lotus Training Rewrite of the PCM System

University of Ulster Introduction to Personal Applications

Stonehenge Consultancy Services Ltd. Study to advise on strategic, operational and data management issues as part of a Client Database investigation

Capita Management Consultants Ltd. Delivery and Quality Assurance of a Framework Report for Geographical Information System Accident and Emergency Radiology Systems

Hewlett-Packard Ltd. Linking of equipment to the Laboratory Information Management System at the Veterinary Sciences Division

Portfolio Systems Advice on software development and hardware procurement for the Grants and Subsidies System

Systar Ltd. A Capacity Management Study to consider the efficiency of and identify any problem areas in the Animal Health System To assist in completing acceptance tests of a contingency Animal Health System, by a comparative analysis with the existing system of the capacity and performance of both systems

Unisys Ltd. Load Analysis of the Animal Health System

Touche Ross and Co. Information Systems Strategy Study Amendments to Integrated Complementing System Models Laboratories Systems Study

Hoskyns Systems Administration Support GP Fundholding

Coopers and Lybrand Full Study Report on Computerised Charging Regime for Water Privatisation Division Assistance with preparation of a Technical Specification for the Unix Processor Briefing to DCC on the Strategy Structures for RCA and Land Registry To prepare an Information Systems Strategy for the Water Service Study of Future Computerised Financial Systems for Water Executive Information System Strategy for Rate Collection Agency Development of Programme for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Productivity Models and Reports Computerisation Options for Land Registry Strategic Planning of Introduction on Non-Operational Strategy Systems on STAP IT Strategy of Child Support Agency Health and Personal Social Services

DBI Associates Ltd. Computerised Routes Procurement System for Roads Service Telecoms Strategy Study for Roads Service

Aims Ireland Ltd. Computerisation of Road Traffic Accident Data for Roads Service Assets Management System for DOE (ISU)

Wellington Computer Systems Software Development for Street Lighting Computerised Maintenance/Management System

Lorien Computers Ltd. Systems Analysis for Feasibility Study for Roads Service Bridges Management System

ICS Computing Ltd. Interim Review of Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Booking System

HELM Corporation Management Information and Accural Accouting System for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency

Siemens Nixdorf Technical support for STAP cabling in offices

Blackhall Medical Centre GP Fundholding

Insight IT Security Standards

Park Applications Fin Supplies Review

MDISL Capacity Planning

Datapro Unix Reports

BB Post Implementation

BIS Prince Standards Lan Strategy

Goldarrow MSQL RDBMS

Intersystems MSQL Advanced RDBM

CAMS Clinical Read Codes

Business Objects Specialised Technical Consultancy

PACE Salaries Module for Social Security Agency

SYBEX Design and development of Document Imaging Processing Project

Year 1993–94—Total cost £952,894

Coopers & Lybrand Market Testing Project Delivery and Quality Assurance of a Feasibility Study for Geographical Information System Revision to Centres Computerised Monthly Return System for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Review of Centralised Storage of Test Result Data for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Introduction of Non Operational Strategy Systems on STAP Review of Information Systems for Water Executive Implementation of New Computerised Financial System in Water Executive Procurement of customer billing system for Water and Sewerage Services

Oracle Oracle Consultancy Consultancy

Computer Associates Superproject Consultancy

Synaptics Corporate E Mail Project

Belmin Purchasing System

AIMS Ireland Ltd. Computerisation of Road Traffic Accident Data—Systems Analyst Input

CCTA IT Market Testing Review of DANI's IS Strategy IS Strategy Definition IT Health Check Environment Service IS Strategy Study Telecoms Project

NCC E Mail Research

CFM Groups Ltd Roads Service Computerised Fleet Management System—Interfaces to Accounting Provision of additional Systems Analyst Resource for functional specifications for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency System Consultation on Oracle Financials for the DANI Accounting System.

Stonehenge Consultancy Services Ltd. Advise on a Request for Information to the Trade for potential Data Dictionary suppliers and evaluation of responses

Community Training and Research Services (CTRS) Belfast Action Team Training Needs Analysis Computerised System

WS Atkins Water Executive Computerised Asset Management Planning System

HELM Corporation Roads Service Computerised Fleet Management System—Implementation Issues

Insight Consultancy Water Executive Information Systems Security Review. IT Security

Murtland and Partners Roads Service Data Communications Design of Cabling Installations

DBI Associates Roads Service Data Communications—Quality Assurance of Strategy Implementation IS Strategy for Works Service Departmental Datacoms Strategy Review Planning Service Data Communication Study

Syntech Time Costing Management System for DoE (Information Systems Unit)

Kinesis Evaluating possible development trends in connection with Public Records Office System

Digital Equipment Co. Ltd. Project Management for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Cambridge Consultants Specialist Advice on Geographical Information System for DoE (ISU

MVM Consultants plc Computerisation of Property Certificates Service—Planning Service

Spectrum Occam Solutions ORACLE (UK) Ltd. Replacement computer system in Rate Collection Agency

Business Objects Technical Consultancy

Price Waterhouse Full Study Assignment NI Blood Transfusion

QMI Resolution of System Performance

Sequelogic Oracle Consultancy

Hewlett Packard HPUX Script Dev

IBM Shell Programming

Touche Ross Business Case

Common Services Agency GPASS V4.2

Sequel Technology Oracle Based Systems

Data General Script Development and Mgt Support

DMW Group Ltd. Regional Strat Review

CEM Computers Ltd. Consultancy

Pixel Innovations VT52 Emulation.

Silicon Bridge Research Report PAS Replace

Unidirect Shellock Compiler

European Printing Services Faxserver

Advec PC to Lan Integration Cray Consultancy

LLTA Project Support

PACE Amendments to the SSA Salary Module

Siemens Nixdorf Prototype systems of Codes Automation, Customer Caller and Appointments Systems

Advanced Recognition Ltd. Software Assessment