HC Deb 20 April 1994 vol 241 cc570-1W
Dr. Strang

To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, pursuant to her answer of 9 February,Official Report, column 277, what was the minimum level of agricultural activity equivalent 30, 21 and 15 years ago.

Mrs. Shephard

The details of the system of farm classification has changed several times over the period from 1964. In 1964, 1973 and 1979 size was measured by standard man days. In 1979 size was also measured in terms of European size units for the purposes of analysing the Farm Business Survey.

The SMD coefficients for each hectare of crops or head of livestock changed in 1963, 1968 and 1976 and the threshold for defining full time also changed. The table shows the changes for the years requested.

plasma derived products which are dispensed (i) within the national health service in Scotland, (ii) within the United Kingdom, excluding Scotland, within the national health service, (iii) to non-national health service establishments within Scotland, (iv) to non-national health service establishments within the United Kingdom, excluding Scotland and (v) to non-national health service establishments outwith the United Kingdom; and what was the total income to the Scottish blood transfusion service from each of these transactions.

Mr. Stewart

The information is as follows:

Issued within the NHS Issued to non-NHS establishments
In Scotland In the United Kingdom excluding Scotland In Scotland Within the United Kingdom excluding Scotland Outwith the United Kingdom Total
2: single donor (pheresis) (units) 2,283 Nil Nil Nil Nil 2,283
Fresh frozen plasma (units) 20,880 Nil 120 Nil Nil 21,000
Cryoprecipitate (units) 10,089 Nil 72 Nil Nil 10,161
Total units issued 346,364 10,546 3,244 Nil Nil 360,154
Plasma-derived products issued from Protein Fractionation Centre, 1992–93
Albumin and SPPS (bottles) 71,901 214,454 10 Nil 3Nil 86,365
Factor VIII (million international units) 11.43 22.07 Nil Nil 3Nil 13.50
Factor IX (million international units) 2.05 20.15 Nil Nil 3Nil 2.20
Anti-rhesus (D) (vials) 13,342 24,068 30 Nil 3Nil 17,440
Anti-hepatitis B (vials) 968 2270 1 Nil 3Nil 1,239
Anti-zoster (vials) 810 2162 Nil Nil 3Nil 972
Anti-tetanus (vials) 2,077 21,004 Nil Nil 3Nil 3,081
Anti-GL (vials) Nil 2387 Nil Nil 'Nil 387
Intravenous immunoglobulin (vials) 20,453 24,834 Nil Nil 3Nil 25,287
Intramuscular immunoglobulin (vials) 27,485 24,829 18 Nil 3Nil 32,332
Recovery of handling costs (£)4 Nil 4808,594 470,265 Nil Nil 4878,859
1This includes NHS supplies to the Army blood supply depot at Aldershot.
2This figure is almost entirely made up of products sent to the NHS in Northern Ireland. These products are all derived from plasma contributed by Northern Ireland donors which is processed by the PFC and returned to the NHS in Northern Ireland.
3Some very small amounts are sent overseas as humanitarian aid on rare occasions but no figures are available.
4 This represents the administration and handling charge. There is no charge for the blood or blood products.