HC Deb 20 April 1994 vol 241 cc583-6W
Mr. Matthew Taylor

To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what information technology consultants his Department has employed, for what purpose and at what total cost for each of the last five years.

Mr. Redwood

Details of the information technology consultants employed in financial years 1992–93 and 1993–94 are given in the following table. Information for previous years could be provided only at disproportionate cost.


JBA International PLC To undertake a sizing analysis of the Department's financial systems.

The Government Centre for Information Systems (CCTA) To undertaké a Post Implementation Review of the Department's computerised financial systems.

Axsis Welsh Office Communications study: Part 1.

DBI Associates To produce an Information Systems Strategy for the Welsh Office Education Department.

NCC Consultancy To review the Document logging and diary facilities in the Ministerial private office.

KPMG Management Consulting To undertake a study into the future of the In-House Bureau mainframe system.

Computer Management Consultants Study into the Department's future Office automation requirements.

Axsis Welsh office Communications study: Part 2.

Admiral Management Services To undertake a review of security on the Department's computerised finance systems.

IPL To undertake a Post Implementation Review of the Transport and Highways payment monitoring system.

Praxis PLC To undertake a feasibility study regarding the development of a central information database for Her Majesty's School Inspectors in Wales.

Praxis PLC To prepare a Project Initiation Document and Operational Requirement for an information database for Her Majesty's School Inspectors in Wales.

DMS To prepare functional specification for a Management Informations System for the Department's Publicity Unit.

Sofia and Company Limited Publicity Unit Management Information System development.

Software Personnel Analysis of Software migration on Department's finance systems.

SPS Limited Analysis of requirement—Agent Authority Audit Trail.

Computacenter Limited Installation support, IT equipment and software. The total cost of IT consultancies in 1992–1993 was £357,822.

Consultancies 1993–94 and Task

Safetynet PLC To advise on the upgrade of the computer suite housing the Department's financial systems.

The Government Centre for Information Systems (CCTA) To undertake a Post Implementation Review of the Department's Personnel Management system.

Computacenter Ltd Computer network software support.

JBA International Ltd Time Recording System for Department's Legal Branch.

Software Personnel Enhancements to Department's Finance Systems.

Software Personnel Analysis and programming in relation to a software upgrade for the Department's Finance Systems.

AXSIS Office Automation study.

Sofia and Company Ltd Publicity Unit, Management Information System.

ICL DRS 6000 sizing exercise.

KOALA Publishing Schedule of Ancient Monuments records.

The Government Centre for Information Systems (CCTA) Operational Requirement for Central database, Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools (Wales).

EASAMS Ltd Operational Requirement, Urban Affairs computer system.

Software Personnel Grants and Subsidy payments system.

AXSIS Computer Security and Support review.

Computacenter Ltd Installation support for PCs, Peripherals and software.

BIS Applied Systems Ltd To evaluate the need for a computerised record of manufacturing plants in Wales.

Ernst and Young To advise on end of financial year procedures in relation to the Department's financial systems.

Consultancies 1992–93 and Task

Price Waterhouse To undertake a scoping study for the Market Test of Welsh office Information Technology services.

Gower Business Systems To undertake a study of the possible uses of Desk Top Publishing.

Mouncey & Partners To advise on the implementation of computer systems in Valuation Tribunal Offices.

MVA Systematica To advise on the migration of the Department's Road Accident System from the In-House Bureau mainframe computer.

Easams Ltd. To undertake a scoping study for the Valuation Tribunal integrated appeals system.

The total cost of information technology consultancies in 1993–94 was £608,550.

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