HC Deb 18 April 1994 vol 241 cc390-3W
Mr. Matthew Taylor

To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what computer systems his Department have brought in for what function and at what cost for each of the last five years; and in each case whether the computer system is still in use.

Sir John Wheeler

Details of all computer systems brought in by the Northern Ireland Office and the Northern Ireland Departments during the last five years could be obtained only at disproportionate cost. However, network computer systems, in excess of the EC threshold, have been brought in as follows:

System-(Hardware) Function Still in use
Accounting System-(ICL) Computerised Accounting for Department of Environment's (DOE) Road Service Yes
Laboratory Information Management System (HMS)-(Siemens Nixdorf) To manage laboratory information for DOE—Water Service Yes
Management Accounting and Information System-(ICL) Management Accounting and Information System for DOE-Works Service Yes
Animal Health System-(UNISYS) To provide up to date and accurate information for use in eradication of Tuberculosis and Brucellosis in cattle Yes
Biometrics VAX 6320-(DEC) To Provide statistical and graphical facilities for scientists Yes
Back-up System for VAX 6320-(DEC) To allow back-up of user data overnight in unattended mode, allowing the VAX to remain operational during working hours Yes
Plant and Vehicle Fleet Management-(ICL) Computerised records for Plant and Vehicle Management Yes
Strategic Communications Network-(Linked LANS and Routers) Communication Network for Roads Service Yes
Monitoring of Road Traffic Accidents-(UNIX) To monitor Road Traffic Accidents Not yet in use
Capital Works Programme Management System-(DEC) To manage the Capital Works Programme Yes
Design and Drafting System-(Sun) Computer Aided Design and Drafting System for DOE's Water Service Yes
Design and Drafting System Network To manage the Computer Aided Design and Drafting System for DOE Works Service Yes
Grants and Subsidies-(Sequent servers and various peripherals) The administration of the EC Capital Grant and Livestock Subsidy Scheme that existed in April 1992 including applications, claims and payments processing Yes
Office Systems — (MIPs and IBM servers with various PCs and peripherals) To provide office system (electronic mail, word-processing, spreadsheet etc.) facilities to senior staff in DANI Yes
Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS)-(Sequent servers and various peripherals) Administration of exisiting EC Capital Grants and Livestock Subsidy Scheme as amended by CAP reforms introduced in 1992–93. Additional functions to support the Integrated Administration and Control System Yes
Animal Health System Contingency-(UNISYS) To provide a suitable coputerised back-up system for the Animal Health System Yes
DFO Systems-(Networked PCs) To provide PCs for an integrated management information of Agriculture (DANI) Forest Service Yes
DANI Accounting System-(FM solution) To develop a computerised cash accounting system using the Oracle Financials Package Yes

System-(Hardware) Function Still in use
Income Support-(FM solution) The administration of claims for and payments of relevant social security benefits to Northern Ireland claimants Yes
Pensions-(FM solution) Yes
Unemployment Benefit-(FM solution) Yes
Disability Living Allowance-(FM solution) Yes
Family Credit and Disability Working Allowance-(FM solution) Yes
Social Fund-(FM solution) Yes
Incapacity Benefits-(FM solution) Yes
Child Support-(FM solution) The administration of the assessment and collection of child maintenance in Northern Ireland and parts of Great Britain Yes
Office Automation (various servers) To provide office automation facilities for staff in the Department of Economic Development Yes
Network infrastructure (various servers and routers) To provide a network for departmental office system in DED Yes
Electoral Register System1 To replace existing mainframe based electoral register system and provide improved management information Yes
Payroll/Personnel System1 Processing of pay and personnel function for prison officers Yes
1 The hardware cannot be named for security reasons.

Total cost (£)
1989–90 12,472,501
1990–91 3,069,217
1991–92 3,447,691
1992–93 9,301,305
1993–94 5,153,074