HC Deb 31 March 1993 vol 222 cc278-9W

Grants were made to consultancies, housing associations and secondary co-operatives to enable them to promote to local authority tenants the full range of housing management and tenure options available to them. Further grant is made available, on an estate-specific basis, to enable these organisations to undertake a feasibility study leading to a report outlining future options for the management of the estate.

Agency name Grant offered £
Birmingham CHS 67,627
Banks of the Wear 161,197
Catch 269,260
CDS (Liverpool) 198,613
Chapman Hendy 19,176
Chisel 90,671
CHS (NW) 98,160
English Churches HA 112,203
Community Projects Trust 53,931
Agency name Grant offered £
Devon CDA 4,980
Federation of Hackney Tenants' and Residents 'Associations 51,678
Hexagon HA 85,901
Leicester Housing Association 166,071
Liverpool Housing Trust 138,125
Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation 48,869
Paddington Churches HA 50,209
Priority Estates Project 614,135
Pic Services 75,559
Pieda 78,164
Public Participation, Consultation and Research Ltd. 126,055
Raynsford Dallison Associates 29,254
Safe Neighbourhoods Unit 89,228
Solon CHS 134,734
South London Families' HA 78,613
Tenant Action 50,805
Tide 112,431
Tenant Paricipation Advisory Service 1,051,288
Tricare 11,745
Yorkshire CHS 44,874
Total 4,113,596