HC Deb 18 March 1993 vol 221 cc352-4W
Sir Patrick McNair-Wilson

To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will publish a list showing the prescribed brands of anti-diarrhoeals and the price of a day's supply.

Dr. Mawhinney

[holding answer 9 March 1993]: The anti-diarrhoea] drugs—British National Formulary section 1.4—dispensed in England in 1991 by community pharmacists and appliance contractors dispensing doctors and personal administration were as follows:

  • Aroben powder
  • Arret adult syrup
  • Arret capsules (2mg)
  • Arrowroot (solid)
  • Chalk and catechu mixture paediatric BNF 1963
  • Chalk and opium aromatic mixture (BP)
  • Chalk aromatic mixture
  • Chalk aromatic power BPC
  • Chalk (solid) BP
  • Chalk mixture paediatric BP
  • Codeine phosphate/magnesium chloride mixture 30/250mg/5ml
  • Collis Browne's mixture
  • Collis Browne's tablets
  • Diareze capsules 2mg
  • Diarphen tablets
  • Diarrest liquid
  • Diocalm ultra capsules 2mg
  • Diocalm tablets
  • Diocare sachets
  • Enterosan tablets
  • Imodium capsules (2mg)
  • Imodium syrup 0.2mg/ml
  • Imodium syrup 1mg/5ml (half strength)
  • Imodium syrup 1mg/5ml half dose
  • K.L.N. suspension
  • KAO-C mixture junior
  • KAO-C suspension adult
  • Kaodene suspension
  • Kaolin and morphine mixture BP
  • Kaolin compound powder BPC 1963
  • Kaolin light (solid) BP
  • Kaolin mixture BP
  • Kaolin mixture paediatric BP
  • Kaonorm suspension

Date Name of the Case Government Department Court's finding Government action where appropriate
13 August 1981 Young, James and Webster/Closed Shop Employment Violation Legislation introduced
22 October 1981 Dudgeon/Homosexuality in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Office Violation Legislation introduced
5 November 1981 X/Right to have detention reviewed Home Office Violation Legislation introduced
25 February 1982 Campbell and Cosans/Corporal punishment in schools Scottish Office Violation Legislation introduced
25 March 1983 Silver and Others/Prisoners' correspondence Home Office Violation Prison Rules amended
28 June 1984 Campbell and Fell/Prison Boards of Visitors Home Office Violation
24 August 1984 Malone/Telephone tapping Home Office Violation Legislation introduced
27 May 1985 Asbingdane/Access to court for mental patient Health and Social Security No violation
28 May 1985 Abdulaziz, Cabales and Balkandali/Immigration Home Office Violation New immigration rules introduced
21 February 1986 James and Others/Leasehold reform Environment No violation

  • Kaopectate suspension 1.03g/5ml sugar free
  • Lomotil liquid 2.5mg/5ml sugar free
  • Lomotil liquid 2.5mg/5ml sugar free (2.5ml dose)
  • Lomotil liquid sugar free (half strength)
  • Lomotil tablets (2.5mg)
  • Loperamide hydrochloride capsules 2mg
  • Loperamide hydrochloride powders 1mg
  • Maws K.L.N. suspension
  • Sulphurated potash and kaolin capsules 20/200mg

The quantity required, and therefore the price, per day will vary depending on the clinical needs of the patient.